Kiwi to fight fatigue and boost energy

this image shows slices of kiwi fruilt


Need an energy boost that is also denture friendly ?

If you care for someone elderly who would benefit from a tasty way to boost their energy with a food that is both easy to eat and ideal for someone with dentures try introducing them to Kiwi fruits.

I appreciate that kiwi fruit is a “modern” fruit for someone older who may be slightly less keen to try new foods, however studies have proved that those who ate two a day over a 6 week period experienced reduced fatigue and depression than those who had only half. Those that had 2 a day also had increased energy.

The findings that were published in the Journal of Nutritional Science are thought to be due to the  extremely high level of vitamin C which boosts the immune system. Kiwi fruits are not only denture friendly as they take little chewing unlike apples with the skin on, they contain lower levels of sugar which make them better for diabetics.

Kiwi fruit when ripe and soft to the touch can be eaten like an egg! Simply cut off the top and hollow out with a teaspoon. Alternatively I find it easier to peel a kiwi fruit using a vegetable peeler.



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