Happy Hearts

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Happy Valentines Day – Look after your heart.

Please watch this video and have the heart to share it today . using the share buttons at footer of this post. 

With as many as 27 million people worldwide suffering from a heart-related condition, the chances are you may.

Stay heart healthy. Do you know your numbers? Do you know your BP is within safe parameters. Do you want to die needlessly or have a reduced quality of life? No-one does. It is easier than ever to stay heart healthy. Visit your GP’s nurse and have your blood pressure checked. It should be in the region of 120/80 and you will be advised what to do if it is high.

The British Heart Foundation also have a wonderful free magazine which you can order here free “Heart Matters” . It comes with a monitoring pack today for yourself or someone you care for and about.

I have just ordered mine as I find their magazines invaluable for articles and my photo below shows the pack contents.
photo (1)

It contained;

  • Welcome letter and magnetic card
  • A recipe folder for heart friendly meals
  • A 5 a day guide
  • Guide to a healthy heart
  • Tape measure.
  • The Heart Matters magazine

I personally found the tape measure a useful tool and I shall be measuring my clients waistlines ! It clearly indicates “At low risk”/ “At high risk” depending on your girth. I am delighted to say I am fine at present.

“Heart Matters” available to everyone and free of charge and is especially useful for anyone at risk of developing heart disease. People who have high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Order your Heart Matters pack today for your own health  and information or for someone else who may find it of benefit.” Prevention is better than cure.” and if it stops someone you love having a heart attack or developing heart disease it is a few minutes well spent.











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