Theraputic “go anywhere” massage cushions

this image shows a pale brown cushion


Do you have aches and pains ? Do you suffer from stiff muscles and joints ?

This is a “go anywhere” massage cushion and I like the fact that they are so portable and versatile as they are battery operated using two D size batteries. The one shown above costs just under £23 before packing and postage.

One massive plus is they are suitable for diabetics which many massage products are are not. They also have removable covers for washing. The massaging action is started  in these massage cushions by the body area making contact with the lever that starts the battery operated motor.  I found it especially good for my back and neck, although for the neck I would suggest lying down rather than sitting up to use it.

These  ” go anywhere” massage cushions work well for;

  • stiff necks, tension in the top of the back and stress by placing the cushion between the shoulder blades
  • tired feet and swollen ankles, place your feet on the cushion
  • sciatic pain can be eased by placing the cushion on the lower back or underneath the hip
  • general backache and arthritic pain can be helped by using the cushion where it hurts.

Whilst these cushions are not a medical cure the improved circulation to the place of pain does offer some relief.

Whilst diabetics can use them, they are not suitable for anyone who has a pacemaker fitted.

They make an thoughtful gift for anyone but especially someone elderly who suffers from arthritis or has general pain.

They are available here from Amazon or you can use a family run company who have been making them for over 20 years. They are not on line at all but orders can be placed by phone on 01253 782551.

Alternatively they can be ordered by post from Pauline Paul(UK) 470 Clifton Drive North, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, FY8 2PP. The cushions from this company cost more at £35.00 each but I have seen the quality of them and they are well made using good quality fabric.

These cushions also use 2 D size batteries but it is recommended to use the cheaper ones which will last almost a year as the stronger ones damage the motor.



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