Giddins guard gloves


this image shows a pair of Giddins guard gloves which may help to prevent wrist fractures in the event of a fall


Giddins guard gloves help reduce wrist fractures in the event of a fall.



These gloves may look fairly standardised but they  may help prevent wrist fractures in the event of a fall. They have been manufactured to incorporate the Giddins Guard technology originally designed to protect snowboarders.

From the age of 45 our bone density starts to reduce and with 1/3 of all people over 65 having at least one fall a year, this results in an awful lot of fractured wrists. Even a fractured wrist means most people become semi-dependent for 6 weeks, unable to drive and conducted tasks of daily living.

The Giddins guard technology was designed by an Orthopaedic surgeon in a bid to reduce the incidences of wrist fractures amongst snowboarders.

this image shows the logo for Giddins guard, a protective clothing technology manufacturer


This technology has been incorporated into everyday leather gloves for the every day consumer and priced at £35, I personally feel they are a good investment for an older person especially in the colder, wetter months when the risk of falling are greater.

If you would like to buy a pair of Giddins Guard gloves for yourself or someone else you can use this link here to visit their website.



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