Free holidays for the over 65’s

this picture shows a coach on the road

Free holidays for the over 65’s on a low income, thanks to the NBFA.

An unlikely name for a wonderful older persons charity, the National Black Farmers Association are providing free holidays for those over 65. NBFA Assisting the Elderly takes away 1000 people a year.

The charity say;

“The difference that a 5 day Break-Away can make is indescribable. All our 5 day Break-Away participants are on a low income and cannot afford to pay for a trip on their own. They may not have been away from their home for years and in some cases, may have never been on a holiday at all. Some will live alone and speak to no one on a regular basis. They are isolated and often do not have the amenities available or the confidence to meet new friends within their community.

To take them away makes such a difference to their confidence and therefore their ability to return home and venture out to meet new people. Isolation is a worrying and increasingly growing problem within the elderly population. NBFA Assisting the Elderly endeavours to reduce its impact in the most effective way possible.”

In order to qualify for a Free 5 day Break-Away, you need to be over 65, on a low income, not have had a holiday for three years or more, and to be mobile enough to get on and off a coach. If you require any further information, please call the NBFA 5 day Break-Away Coordinator on 0207 828 0200.


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