Caring for dentures

Caring for dentures

Nearly 11 million people in the UK wear dentures and I clean some of them !

I was unsure as to the best way of caring for dentures so I decided to learn about it.

With proper care you can keep both dentures and  mouth of the person you care for in good shape. The following ideas will help you understand how  to clean, handle and store dentures.

Cleaning dentures.

  • Dentures need to be cleaned every day.
  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush to remove food and plaque.
  • You also need to gently brush your gums and tongue.
  • Don’t use regular toothpaste on dentures – it is abrasive and may damage them.
  • Use a toothpaste specially designed for dentures.
  • Soak dentures in a denture solution such as steredent to remove any further bacteria or debris.

Handling dentures

Dentures are delicate and break easily if  dropped. When handling dentures

  • Hold them over a soft towel
  • Or fill your sink up with water.


Dentures can become warped if they dry out or are placed in hot water. When you are not wearing them, your dentures should be kept in  cold water or in a denture solution such as Steredent.

Hints and Tips

  • Don’t wrap your dentures in kitchen roll because they could easily get thrown away.
  • Don’t be tempted to use household products to clean dentures other than mild dish soap or liquid hand soap.
  • Keep your dentures out of reach from children and pets; kids love to play with them and dogs love to chew them up.




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