Pureed Foods

This image shows a plate of food that has been pureed and then reshaped to resemble the food shape it was originally

Pureed food the dignified way 

Pureed food from Oakhouse Foods that look good enough to eat. Pureed individually and re- shaped to resemble the original form.

Huge thumbs up to Oakhouse foods for this. Not only separating food to puree so it retains its individual taste but to also reshape it where possible, to look as it would have whole.
Even I hadn’t thought of doing this until one of my Facebook friends told me she did this for her Mum, I am ashamed to say. Sometimes you do just need somebody to point out the obvious to you! I have been guilty of pureeing a whole roast chicken dinner into a plate of brown disgusting looking and not so lovely tasting gloop, which went straight into the bin.
Oakhouse Foods, you have not only shown consideration for your diners and maintained the visual attractiveness of the meal which in turn ensures a better appetite, you have also shown respect for the elderly in maintaining their dignity. Thank you so much. 

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