“Operation Christmas Dinner”

this image shows a banner for "Operation Christmas Dinner"

“Operation Christmas Dinner”

As Tesco say ” Every Little Helps” and this year I am joined by many volunteers across the U.K. who are going to be cooking meals for the elderly who are alone on Christmas Day. For many elderly people, Christmas enforces the loneliness they feel all year round and is especially difficult for them.

For the past five years, my husband and I have cooked meals for elderly people living alone and delivered them on Christmas Eve. The meals are free, fresh coming with all the trimming and pudding too. Only fresh ingredients are used.

For some elderly people, this is one of the few home-cooked meals they get and sadly for some of the recipients last year it was their last Christmas Dinner.

Food for thought.

Last year so many people on social media expressed a desire to do the same I have set up a Facebook group where I can pass on ideas where to find people who would like a meal and also a way for them to contact the volunteer without publicaly disclosing the fact they are alone.

this image shows a poster offering free Christmas meals to the elderly who will be alone this year

This poster can be found here. Downloaded and printed off. If you would like to join us and have no-one able to print them for you, contact me and I will send you some.(Please use the contact form at the very top of the website).

The major supermarkets, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda etc., all have Community Champions and it may be an idea to take the poster to them and see if they are willing to donate some ingredients once you have some idea of the number you are cooking for.

If you know someone who would enjoy one of our meals and are unable to join us, please let me know and I will endeavour to find a volunteer in their locality.

I have had one or two people who have voiced concerns over health and safety and security. My response to this is that if an act of kindness can be criticised it just stands to show why society is as it is. I want to make people more considerate with regards to the elderly and put the “Unity back in the Community”.

For any further details, please contact me.



Award-winning blogger and care columnist for Devon Life magazine, Caron also campaigns for recognition of the needs elderly people and their carers. Designer and creator of the award-winning Dementia Assistance Cards which are free to all, and helping thousands of people globally Caron is passionate and committed to making a difference

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