Never too old to fall in love.

You are never too old to fall in LOVE !

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Rose Pollard and Forrest Lunsway  are the  amongst the worlds oldest newly weds. The couple were married in March 2011 in the United States.

The couple have a combined age of 190 – Rose is 90 and Forrest is 100 years old. Does age matter ? No but love does .

Love is good for your heart !

When you’re talking to someone you find attractive, the brain sends impulses to the heart making it beat three times faster than normal. This results in increased blood supply to your body, particularly your cheeks and sexual organs, which gives the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

A study conducted  found that couples who spent time in close physical contact, including hugging and talking with each other had higher levels of oxytocin – the love hormone.

It was also found that women benefited from lower blood pressure. So go and give someone a hug and help your heart!





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