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One of my proudest moments! My BBC TV debut talking about the Dementia assistance cards.(Nov 24th 2015)

Another moment I will NEVER forget was when it was announced that Caron Cares had WON in the Health and Social Care category at the UKBlog Awards 2016. The mad woman in the blue dress!!!

This is a second video explaining some more about the UKBlog Awards which are the UK’s most prestigious.(April 29th 2016)

I was lucky to have Funding from Recovery Devon for my “Happy to Share” cards to help reduce loneliness in people of all ages.


this image shows the wording BAY FM and 106.4

Listen again with Bay FM

I never thought I would have had so much fun doing Q&A interviews with Julie Green at our community radio station.

Here are a few of the recordings for you to listen to at your convenience.

Purple Angel Ambassadors, what do they do ?


GPS trackers for anyone in the UK with dementia.


Flexyfoot walking stick ferrules, safer and more comfortable to use.


Pension credits.


Keeping the elderly cool in the hot weather


How to keep the elderly safe in colder weather.


Leg ulcers and what you can do to prevent someone elderly getting one.

The importance of smoke alarms for the elderly and the different types available.


Dementia and the family. A book by Rachel Johnstone.

Good Hydration for the elderly

Scams and how to protect the elderly from them.


Purple Angel









  1. No Sally the GPS trackers are available to anyone in the UK has a diagnosis of dementia. The units are provided free by Ostrich Care and there are a few incidental costs such as insurance etc and a monthly fee of £17.88 but for people in receipt of benefits this can be offset.

  2. great segments of brilliant ideas.
    Are the GPS trackers limited to your area Caron?

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