This image shows a pair of reading glasses with an attractive round frame. They are reddish brown in colour

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses (You will want to wear!)

This image shows a pair of reading glasses with an attractive round frame. They are reddish brown in colour

It was once suggested that by the end of 2020 one quarter of the world’s population would wear glasses. That is a whopping 2 billion people and here in the UK, it is estimated that nearly 60% of the population need something to help their vision. Younger people prefer contact lenses and those over 40 glasses or laser treatment.

Presbyopia is the medical term describing how the proteins in our eyes harden as we age. This causes our eye movements to slow down and our 20/20 vision to decline.

I remember not being able to read the tiny print on the back of a cosmetic product and realising my eyesight was not perfect. Now thing smaller than a 16 point size without glasses.

Difficulty reading small text tends to start in the mid-’40s and there’s little we can do to prevent this natural part of the ageing process.

Fashion accessory

Rather than fight the need for glasses, embrace it as an opportunity to sport visionary fashion! Specs don’t have to be dull, in fact,  the opposite and with reading glasses readily available without a prescription or expensive trip to the opticians, you can treat yourself to a selection.

Have some fun trying out different styles and colours. Maybe match your glasses to the seasons. Red is a popular frame colour tying in with the changing colours of Autumn and leading on to the festivities of Christmas. Red is warm, yet bold and can enhance your features. Try green frames to reflect the re-birth of nature in Spring and bright yellow for the summer months.

Rather than feel frustrated at the need for glasses, embrace the fact you can have some fun. Plus, a great pair of reading glasses always look cool resting on your head when not required and you know where they are!

Based in China, Shenlan Technology is a reading glasses retailer selling a unique product born out of necessity.

The founder of the business was a devoted son and grandson. He was concerned that his grandfather’s safety has been compromised by inferior glasses. They had fallen off and nearly caused him to fall. It is also incredibly annoying when you need to bend over to do something, and your glasses fall off.

Clever idea

Many good ideas and designs are born out of necessity, and this led to a barb being added to the arm of the glasses to prevent this from happening. He had a mission – to provide affordable, protective, and anti-drop glasses to the world.

The glasses from ARDG optical boast a rivet embellishment for strength, highly elastic arms for durability and block 400 UV. This UV blocker is also highly effective against blue light emitted by screens. The lenses are also non-scratch. Have you ever tried reading with scratched glasses? It is not ideal. The glasses from Shenlan Technology are built to last with a highly durable frame, your new glasses are far less likely to break especially with the special barb preventing them from falling off your face.

Do your current glasses make your eyes feel tired?

More younger people are needing to use reading glasses due to an excessive amount of screen time. These glasses reduce eyestrain resulting in your eyes feeling less tired after a day in front of the computer.

Costing less than £20 for 2 pairs they are also competitively priced for their style and quality. Customers can purchase with the peace of mind that each pair has a 12-month warranty and if your order value exceeds £45 the shipping is free of charge. (If you don’t want to spend £45 it might be worth finding someone to share the order with to save money.)


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