Waterproof call bell system pendents

CarelineUKTwo wrist pendants wit a base station

Did you know the pendents are waterproof ?


Care line UK provide a personal alarm system for elderly people. Installed easily via a telephone socket this provides welcome peace of mind for the user and their family.

The user wears a pendent either as a wrist band or around their neck and in the case of a fall or illness can call for help by simply pressing the button.

This goes directly to a call centre where help can be arranged either from the family or emergency services as the need requires.

What I didn’t realise until this week is the pendents are actually waterproof and can be worn when in the bath or shower. This is really useful to know as this is a time when many elderly people do actually slip or fall.

If someone you care for has a call bell system that is not  a Careline one it will be worthwhile asking the control operator if their pendents are waterproof too. I will be checking for all my clients.


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