this image shows a single car key and modern fob

Unsafe at the wheel

this image shows a single car key and modern fob

Unsafe At the wheel.

Following a conversation with someone concerned about her parents’ welfare, health and safety on many levels, I had cause to ask DVLA what powers they have with regards to someone who is unsafe at the wheel.

It was a very interesting conversation and I hope you find this interesting. If you are worried about someone’s driving and feel they are unsafe to be behind the wheel, you can contact the DVLA and give a “third party notification”.

DVLA will then contact the person by post and send them a medical questionaire. It is mandatory by law to complete this and give the DVLA the authority to contact your GP. If they don’t complete this then the DVLA can revoke their driving licence, leaving them uninsured and no longer able to drive.

I was told though, that in a case of real concern the police are the people to go to in the first instance.


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  1. I found it interesting to write and felt we all needed to know what to do in the event of really being concerned about someone’s driving. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. This was very interesting to read. I have a friend who I’ve been getting increasingly concerned about regarding driving safety. I’m not quite at the point where I’d inform the DVLA, but it’s reassuring to know that course of action is an option. So very, very hard to broach the topic with the person themselves.

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