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Sometimes people say lovely things about the work I do here.

Hi Caron, Your blog is great and very informative; will definitely be keeping an eye on it. Many Thanks, Karen Birchall (Project/Change Manager & Qualified Staff Governor, Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)

Hi Caron, Many thanks, your website is fantastic with so much useful information. I will most certainly be spreading the word! Kind regards
Aarti Patel.

Hi Caron, I enjoy your blog very much and the products you seem able to find always seem to be great solutions to problems we encounter a lot. The no nonsense way you review them is spot on. Keep up the great work Caron and we look forward to being in touch with you more. Sally Wilse. Seniors for Seniors

“Caron is doing some important work both here and abroad and is another of those brilliant people I come across doing this fulfilling, if sometimes frustrating life/work”. Paul TM Smith. Dementia REP( Research,Educate, Practice)

Caron Sprake is one of the most passionate of people I have known who fights for the needs and rights of older people” Prof Jason L Powell PHD Gerontologist. This was the letter he wrote in support of my application for Rotary Club funding to help me support the elderly and orphans in Kenya….oh my goodness.

Hi Caron, Could you please supply me with two room thermometers please for my mum who is 88 and living in her small flat.Thanking you in advance. May I add that your website is very informative and I will be visiting it very often for more hints tips and advice. Wishing you a Happy New Year, Joyce .

Hi, please send a room thermometer to ….. Many Thanks, Keep up the good work.  David Waldron
Many thanks for the helpful services you provide. Good wishes, Jo Rowbotham.
Hello and thank you for your wonderful and very informative website. I am desperately trying to obtain a couple of the room thermometers for my elderly parents and aunt. Is it at all possible to request these be sent directly to them? My parents live in sheltered housing in Coleford, Radstock, Somerset (same as my aunt). I will be very grateful if you could send directly to them.-Yours faithfully, M. Barlow.(Mrs)
Hi, great site – keep up the good work. Would you be able to send a room thermometer to me at ….Thanks for your help and I’ll be sure to spread the word about your site. Many thanks Jon.
I think you are a lovely young lady and doing a grand job helping us senior citizens in any way you can. You deserve a wonderful, happy and healthy 2014. Jean x
Just to say thank you for sending the thermometer and leaflet re temperatures and keeping warm.They will be of much help to my uncle if
I can just get him to use it properly. Will keep trying!!!!!! Elizabeth.
I can assure you that if anyone I know tells me they are looking after an elderly relative or friend, I’ll tell them about Caron Cares. Your website is so helpful!!! Pedro

This is really awesome! I like this post! Last Christmas we invited our elderly neighbours for a simple dinner at home. I could really see the happiness in their eyes while they started reminiscing their past.

Interesting blog with lots of great topics and information. Keep up the great writing Caron! John Ashby.

Hi Caron, I was touched by your journey and commitment to caring for the elderly. I agree that loneliness should be treated with the same urgency as obesity. I work with people who are overweight/obese and generally my clients are 45 to 55 or older, but no matter what their age I have noticed that lonely people often don’t care as much about their diet as they should and often over or under eat due to being lonely. I strongly believe that we are a species that lives best in groups and isolation is hard on the mind and body. Congratulations on speaking out, I look forward to reading more of your posts. Lorraine Gault.

This was the comment that started the “Wheelchairs by Wings” challenge. Submitted on 2013/02/27 at 8:23 am. Hi Caron, you are doing a great job. May God bless you abundantly. Please can I get a elderly wheel Chair for my mom. Thank you and May God bless you. Veronicah.

Hi Caron, Thank you for emailing me via Linkedin. Your website looks great with excellent content. I also checked out Silverline, which I didn’t really know much about. The work you do is fantastic! Best wishes, David

Hi Caron, great website! I wondered if you could please send me a free age uk thermometer please?  Pat Dudley.

You should be very proud of yourself Caron. The website and the work you do is amazing. Keep up the good work 🙂 xx  Mavis Sharkey

I was so pleased to find your informative website! Would it be possible to send me 2 thermometers – one for Dad and another for my 80 year old aunt? If only 1 is allowed, I understand. Many thanks, Fiona 

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