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“Donations, never expected, always accepted”


All the projects that have stemmed from CaronCares have been self-funded until recently.

In 2017 I started to accept donations to help support my work. If you have found value in my articles or made some of my Dementia Assistance Cards or just feel you would like to support me, thank you. I always say “Donations, never expected, always accepted”.

I am always incredibly grateful as it means I can help more elderly people and people with dementia. Then the “I” becomes “We”, a team, a community.

Ways to support my work.

Postage stamps – always warmly welcomed. I send out 100’s of room thermometers and “Winter wrapped up” guides from Age UK every year. Donations of second class stamps ensure no-one dies from the cold. Please send to;

7,Park Lane, Exmouth,Devon,EX8 1TH.

Pay-Pal – Using the friends and family option you can make a PayPal donation using my mobile number 074 119 47 200.

Caron Cares Fund – You can make a donation directly into my fund using the account number: 00358617  and sort code: 11-02-99.

Thank you so much.Sharing is caring and donating means together we can achieve more.