Shoe Laces that don’t need tying

a white trainer with blue no tie shoelaces in

Shoe laces that don’t need tying

Many elderly people find tying shoe laces difficult either due to an inability to bend to reach their feet or arthritic fingers. A great alternative to slip on shoes are shoe laces that don’t need tying.

Having watched one of my clients tie her husbands shoe laces for him confirmed to me how sometimes it is small problem solving ideas that can help maintain someones independence.

Costing from as little as £3 including packing and postage these are worth a try. Customers have given them good reviews and they are also ideal for children who cannot tie laces and pregnant women who find the bump gets in the way of reaching their feet.

Another alternative is elastic shoe laces

a black shoes laced with an elastic shoe lace

Looking more conventional and more suitable for formal shoes, elasticated shoe laces once tied allow you just to slip your shoe on perhaps using a long length shoe horn. These are more expensive at around £6 including postage.

elderly man using a long shoe horn to put shoes on


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