Glowmat – helps those with impaired vision find small items

Blue background with a white coaster having the word glowmat on it in green and a green line around the edge

Impaired vision makes finding small items difficult, this in- genius glowmat from the RNIB can help.

I came across this brilliant idea in the RNIB magazine “Outlook”. It is wonderful for anyone with impaired sight as it glows in the dark. The glowmat uses daylight to charge and then has a  soft,long lasting glow in the dark.

The glowing mat contains special pigments developed for safety signage in the aero-space industry and is charged by either natural day light or artificial light.

The idea is that if important small items such as hearing aids, house keys and wallet are left on or by the glowmat they can easily be easily found in dim light or in the dark.

Costing only £4.99  if you pay VAT and £3.75 if not, it must be worth a try.

 You can order your glowmat  from the RNIB shop and it may also make a thoughtful gift.



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