this image shows and extendable door wedge

Extendable door wedges

this image shows and extendable door wedge

Extendable door wedges

I love these.

I had not seen these until I took some mobility scooters to a prospective customer to trial. Stella met me armed with several of these extendable door wedges. She wanted to check that she was able to get her new wheels through the communal doors and into her flat.

The beauty of these is that the elderly or less able person does not have to bend down to position the wedge which reduces the risk of them falling.

The handy wrist strap also avoids the extendable door wedge ending up laying on the floor which would defeat the issue!

  • It can be stored on wheelchairs or mobility scooters
  • It is also ideal for pram and pushchair users
  • It’s completely portable
  • Measures 68.5cm length when fully extended.

This is ideal for users of wheelchairs because it keeps the door open as a wheelchair passes through, and the user is able to reach back and retrieve their wedge. It is completely portable, letting the user keep it in bags or pockets for when out and about.

There is a magnet in the base of the wedge that can assist users with picking up items such as dropped door keys.

The one shown in the image is sold by a company called the Ability Superstore


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