Make life easier in the kitchen

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Make life easier in the kitchen for the elderly

Most elderly people want to remain as independent as possible and age brings with it arthritic fingers in many cases making some simple tasks much harder or even impossible.

Here are 3 simple tips to make things a little easier. You may have already thought of these but if not for a small financial outlay these little gadgets can make life much easier and less stressful.

1) Invest in an electric can opener

No more struggling with old fashioned metal ones. I used to recommend the one handed ones until I tried to use one and they are really tricky to position correctly. The free standing ones are far easier to use and cost approximately £15.

this image shows a white electric can opener and a green tin


2) To open the ring-pull type cans a ring pull opener is invaluable,even I struggle with some ring-pulls and it spares breaking your nails too!

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3) Bags of frozen foods are easily opened with scissors and can be re-sealed using freezer clips or as I do using the part that’s cut off to tie the bag and that is free.



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