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Surely you have a suggestion for me to add to this page ?

Strength in Numbers   This is where you can have your stories published about the care you or your loved ones have had while in hospital. This is where you can interact with others on the subject of care within the NHS.


  1. Hello Catherine,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment at Caron Cares. I am so pleased you like the website and I have made a note to add The Silverline to the “S” page of my resources. I met Esther last November at the Finals of the Older People in the Media Awards, it was so funny she walked in and I said to my Husband ” She is so short” when I had my photo taken with her she was taller than me !!!

  2. Hi Caron,

    Great website.

    What about putting silverline details down on your resource list?

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