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Got to be top of my list…… My FREE to make Dementia Assistance Cards…. essential for anyone who has dementia and or their carers/companions. As I say completely free and if someone can’t make them then I will make them and send them out ….also free of charge. Such is my commitment to the cause.

Dementia Aware Facebook Group. Possibly the best support network for anyone caring for someone with Dementia. Meet people here who know what you are dealing with.

Dementia Mentors Real people with Dementia helping others with the disease. Very useful for people who  are newly diagnosed and their family and friends.

Disabled Persons Railcard. Saves 1/3 on all rail fares and is £10 cheaper than the Senior Citizens Railcard. Anyone who uses hearing aids is eligible.

Dementia Friendly Lables. Makes life easier for someone with dementia and enables them to remain independent for longer by being able to identify where items are kept in cupboards, wardrobes and draws.

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