The Worlds Oldest Person

chocolate cake with Happy Birthday candles alight

Leandra Becerra, believed to be the world’s oldest living person, turned 127 on Sunday in Mexico.

Leandra Becerra marked the occasion with her grandson’s family in Zapopan, western Mexico. She has lived with his family for the last five years.

Her grandson, Samuel Alvear, said he was told that Ms Becerra’s original birth certificate was burnt during the Mexican revolution of 1910 to 1917.

Ms Becerra was issued with a new birth certificate in 2009 after an investigation of 20th century electoral documents by the government.

The document states her date of birth as August 31 1887.

Having just returned from Mexico where the elderly Mayan don’t have grey hair, use walking aids etc I am not surprised to learn that the eldest person in the World was from there. They have a healthy diet with no sugar, laid back lifestyle and wonderful climate.


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