Bathing Made Safer

this photo shows a cute baby in the bath covered in bath bubbles

Who doesn’t love a Bath ?

Warm, relaxing and soothing. Who doesn’t love a bath once in a while? Surrounded by lovely scented bubbles it always seems like a treat and “me time”.

The bathroom however is one of the rooms where most falls in the elderly occur. Much can be done to prevent this and ensure a bath can still be enjoyed as people age and become less mobile.

I personally would not recommend a walk-in bath unless you have a very warm home as you sit there naked and potentially cold waiting for the water to fill up and then later drain away again. I am far more in favour of the many types of bath seats that are available, especially the ones that really lower you right down into the water. A bath is meant to be relaxing not merely a way of getting clean and sitting perched on a plastic seat across the bath with just my feet in the water is not my idea of fun.

There are Various models to choose from depending upon budget and requirements. The majority of bath seats will fit all standard baths, however if you have a round bath Bath Knight can help you as they supply a bath belt that fits all baths. It is a mechanised wide belt seat that lowers you right into the bath. This is less suitable for someone with poor balance as it has no seat back. They do also offer other bath seat models that do have backs.

Additional ideas

Additional safety can be achieved with both Hand rails and grips providing something to hold onto when getting in and out of the bath. A good bath mat is also important and extra long bath mats are available covering the full length of the bath.

Bath stepsare also available which can make the climb in and out less of a hike and once again minimise the risk of a slip or stumble. Many people have the community call bell system pendants and wristbands which are not waterproof in most instances, however it is a good idea to encourage someone elderly who has this safeguard to leave it near the bath so they can call for help if need be.

Many items are available from Social Services free of charge so it is always worth finding out this before splashing out ( couldn’t resist that !) a fortune on equipment.

Happy Bathing!

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