Devon Life Magazine


Devon Life Magazine 

I am proud to be the social care columnist for Devon Life Magazine.

When Caron Cares won the award for the best UK Blog in the Health and Social Care Category I used this as leverage with the Editor of Devon Life. Andy Cooper could see the point I was raising, that although getting old is not glamorous or sexy it is vital we discuss issues surrounding it.

I was initially offered 25o words which after the first article increased to 500. My page became my soap box, my platform to be myself and say it as it is. What I write is not always pretty but it is the truth and as the saying goes, ‘The truth hurts’.

I have been writing for Devon Life since September 2016 and some of the articles are brutally honest such as the one about incontinence pad rationing. I enlisted the Private Eye artist Tony Husband to create a unique cartoon for this article in order to raise awareness and an eyebrow or two. Calling the article “Taking the Pee” was also pretty cheeky.

You can find all my work in this digital archive. I will work to list each with a link, but this takes time and I have a shortage of this.