Dementia Assistance Cards

This image shows 3 laminated credit card size cards.

 Dementia Assistance Cards

I designed these cards in 2015 as a result of a carer mentioning how useful it would be for someone with dementia to have a simple explanatory card.

Me being me wanted to take this a step further and create personalised cards for the person with dementia. This was beyond my means and so I reached out to someone who had already produced a piece of software enabling the personalisation of ICE (in case of emergency cards).

Dima is a Russian living in Finland and he agreed to help me and worked to achieve what at one point was only a dream.

These cards have gone on to win a Regional award at the GB Care Awards and there are currently over 6000 people who have a set.

They are free to make at home and I also make them free of charge for people. I have made hundreds of them and they have traveled as far as Japan, the USA, and Australia.

Available in 11 translations the cards have been translated by native speakers to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

The cards in English download in sets of 4 to save wasted card, the translated ones are single. It is also possible to print off adhesive labels using the appropriate paper and these print as a sheet of 8. The labels are ideal for walking sticks, frames, hospital notes etc. The labels are not waterproof so you will need to cover them with sellotape or some cellophane.

I can also make sew on labels for clothing. They are not sexy but they may help keep someone save.