Top Tips

Clostridium Difficile

by Caron on December 18, 2016

Clostridium Difficile – what is it ? If you don’t read any further, please just read this. Alcohol gel is not effective against Clostridium Difficile. If you are visiting someone with it please wash your hands with soap and water.  C.diff, as it is better known is  a type of bacteria that can cause infection. It […]


Using a Walking Stick Correctly

by Caron on January 30, 2015

Using a walking stick correctly. There is a wrong and right way to use a walking stick. Using a walking stick incorrectly can put you at a higher risk of a fall and can even cause injury to another part of your body. Setting the Right Height Making sure your stick is the right height […]


Easy Ways To Boost Health

by Caron on January 26, 2015

 Follow these easy steps to boost health New Years Resolutions? It is never too late and you are never to old to help boost your health Most of these suggestions are  either free or cheap to achieve which is an advantage. Drink more water, good hydration improves our overall health. Sleep more. Good restorative sleep […]


Raised Toilet Seats.

by Caron on January 22, 2015

  Raised toilet seats Raised toilet seats are useful for  the elderly as they make it easier to get on and off and also provide a degree of stability and may reduce the risk of a slip or fall. Have a word with your local Social Services department as they are often supplied free of charge. […]


Big Button Phones

by Caron on January 18, 2015

Big Button Phones are ideal for the elderly Big button phones are fantastic for the elderly and great for the not so elderly to use also. They also tend to have a louder ring tone and speaker/hands free facility. The buttons are so easy to see even for someone with poor sight and ideal for […]


Bathing Made Safer

by Caron on January 12, 2015

Who doesn’t love a Bath ? Warm, relaxing and soothing. Who doesn’t love a bath once in a while? Surrounded by lovely scented bubbles it always seems like a treat and “me time”. The bathroom however is one of the rooms where most falls in the elderly occur. Much can be done to prevent this […]


Struggle To Reach Your Feet

by Caron on January 10, 2015

 Ever struggled to reach your feet to put your socks/tights on ? Do you care for someone elderly who does ? I know when my back was painful my feet seemed so far away and I had to let my husband put my socks on for me. All good and well but I have the […]


Removing Lids

by Caron on January 6, 2015

Ice cream tub or challenge of the day ? To the younger person this looks like an innocuous tub of ice-cream. To an elderly person to get into this tub is a FEAT, a CHALLENGE and quite often IMPOSSIBLE. ( Apologies to Carte d’ore – I don’t mean your products in particular. I am talking about […]


Improvised Urine Bottles for Men

by Caron on December 31, 2014

Need a male urine bottle and the shops are shut ? If you are caring for a man following illness or a fall and need a urine bottle but can’t leave the house or the shops are shut this is a handy idea. Any large necked fabric conditioner bottle makes a perfect urine bottle reducing […]


Denture Cleaning – Top Tip

by Caron on December 21, 2014

Cleaning dentures. When cleaning dentures ensure that you don’t use hot water as this makes dentures brittle and don’t use normal toothpaste as it it too abrasive for them.


Denture Cleaning Tablets – Top Tip

by Caron on December 21, 2014

If you care for someone elderly who has dentures they probably have denture cleaning tablets don’t they? Did you know that denture tablets don’t only work their magic on dentures they are also wonderful for cleaning; Vases Teapots Cups  and burnt saucepans. Simply soak household items for a few hours and then wash as normal. […]


Christmas with Dementia

by Caron on December 20, 2014

  Introduction. I was delighted to be approached by the company responsible for marketing for the UK’s largest independent care provider, Care UK and asked to share this with you. As Christmas is the time to think of others and share I read the article and really found it interesting and useful and agreed. What was […]


Key Safe Top Tip

by Caron on December 19, 2014

  Do  You Struggle To Stop The Key From Slipping In  a Key Safe ? I do and when I saw this I thought it was a brilliant solution and so simple. All you have to do is unscrew the centre screw just a little so it protrudes slightly. Then tie the key onto a […]


Easy Unwrapping Top Tip

by Caron on December 19, 2014

    Make Christmas unwrapping easy for someone elderly Stiff, sore and swollen fingers make unwrapping parcels tightly bound with sellotape a nightmare. Many elderly people find it hard to open presents wrapped the conventional way so why not make it easy for them. Simply place their gift into a suitable gift bag and “hide” […]