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Gifts that keep giving

by Caron on September 9, 2017

Gifts that keep giving I wrote a blog post back in 2013 about Alzheimers and weddings and whilst that was probably not the best title I could have given it, the sentiment behind it was there. Now in 2017 I have just received a gift catalogue from the Alzheimer’s Society and was so pleased to see they […]


Street Wardens

by Caron on August 20, 2017

Street Wardens for the elderly We all know we are an increasingly ageing society. We all know there are insufficient funds and provisions for our elderly as it stands, so how do we help and support the elderly? One idea I have had is for street and shop wardens! Bonkers though it may initially sound, […]


Communication sheets

by Caron on August 15, 2017

“Lost for words” Easy to use communication sheets Imagine being trapped in your own mind, knowing what you want to say, but just not knowing how to say it. Imagine having had a stroke or living with dementia, unable to make your needs known or express your feelings. This incredibly simple solution came to be […]


Virtual Reality

by Caron on July 16, 2017

Virtual Reality – can become your reality As someone who feels most tech led care is a huge “No/No” having now experienced a Virtual reality headset, for me for elderly people, especially with dementia is is a HUGE “YES”. I was privileged to meet the founder of the UK’s leading pioneers of the Virtual Reality […]


Arm Protectors

by Caron on July 4, 2017

Arm Protectors for carers I caused an absolute hoo-hah the other week on social media when I shared the photo below of me wearing a GIP arm protector. As an eldercare blogger I see it as my responsibility to share with readers what is new to market and innovative. It doesn’t necessarily always mean I endorse […]


Driving Miss Daisy

by Caron on June 26, 2017

I was driving through Taunton in Somerset recently and saw a blue “Driving Miss Daisy” car for the first time. I came home and read more about this brilliant initiative. Working on a franchise model, Driving Miss Daisy provide a caring, safe and reliable community companion service. Their point of difference from other transportation providers is the […]


Vet Vouchers

by Caron on May 27, 2017

Vet Vouchers The ideal gift for someone elderly who has a pet. Ever struggled to buy an elderly relative, friend or neighbour a gift for their Birthday or at Christmas? Do they have a pet? I have the purrrrfect ( pardon the pun) solution! Vet vouchers are a new solution to large vet bills be they […]


Pharmacy 2 u

by Caron on May 16, 2017

Pharmacy 2 U Are you busy caring for someone elderly and find getting to the pharmacy difficult. Does you local chemist not offer a home delivery service? Pharmacy 2 U may well offer the perfect solution. Your Doctor simply send the prescription to Pharmacy 2 U and the medication is delivered to your door, free […]


Smart phone, smart ideas

by Caron on April 3, 2017

Smart Phone, Smart Ideas The New amplicomms M9500 is the first Smartphone that turns into a remotely controlled device so Care Givers can support operation of the Phone or help in an Emergency •     Unique HELP Function for Relatives to remotely operate the phone •     Care Giver Function – remote Call […]


White Coat Syndrome

by Caron on March 14, 2017

White Coat Syndrome Have you heard of this syndrome? Until yesterday I hadn’t, so I decided I had better write an article on it as I think this affects me! I visited my GP following a health check in a supermarket pharmacy when my blood pressure reading was dangerously high. I was advised not to […]


Point to Sheets

by Caron on March 6, 2017

Point to Sheets!     I love what I do with such a passion. I write here on my blog and elsewhere and also   have a slightly unhealthy, overactive association with social media. This new “project” is one of the reasons I am always so happy and excited to do what I do. Someone […]


Talking Pegs

by Caron on January 17, 2017

Talking Pegs. Helping people with sight or memory loss Recommended by the Macular Society these Talking Pegs allow you to record a single 10 second voice message that plays every time you press them. They are magnetic and are ideal to stick on the fridge to remind you to get some more milk or pop one […]


No tie shoe laces

by Caron on December 22, 2016

No-tie shoe laces. Bending down to tie laces gets harder as you get older, it’s also tricky for anyone with a bad back or someone who is heavily pregnant. Over the years, I have tried various elasticated laces for my elderly clients and have just discovered these. Apart from the odd name “cool-nice” they are […]


Christmas ideas for the elderly

by Caron on December 20, 2016

Christmas gift ideas for someone elderly or someone with dementia. With less than a week to go to Christmas Day I hope you are all sorted by now. If not and you are struggling to think what to buy someone elderly hopefully this will help you. What DO you buy someone elderly that has all […]


Large key safe

by Caron on December 8, 2016

Large Key Safe This Large Key Safe is ideal for someone like myself who struggles with both the key pad and the opening mechanism on other smaller ones. I have some arthritis in my fingers and really struggle to key in the numbers on the smaller key pads and then to use the opening lever […]


The Perfect Rise and Recline

by Caron on December 4, 2016

The Perfect Rise and Recline Chair At the ICL conference, I met some very interesting people, one of whom was Andrew West. He is a metalurgist by trade and has some very interesting insights as to this and the care industry. At some point in our lives, we may find ourselves considering an electric chair, yes […]


Struggle to hear the TV

by Caron on December 2, 2016

Does someone you know struggle to hear the TV ? I always share the Amplicomms press releases as Hearing Direct give my readers a special 10 % discount off first orders with them when you quote CC10. I also like these headphones as they are lightweight and less bulky than others that are available. Press […]



by Caron on November 16, 2016

Winner of the “Care Innovator” category Well, what can I say? Having deliberated as to whether I attended the Great British Care Awards in Bristol on November 12th I then went on to win my category! ( I still think the finalists should not have to pay full price to attend.) This makes this the […]


Safe Mobility Scooters

by Caron on November 8, 2016

Response to my challenge. I recently challenged 11 mobility scooter manufacturers to make their scooters highly visible as standard. So far, I have only received one response and I think you will find the following of interest as I did. Mobility scooters do not have to have insurance as standard and the ones that travel […]


Talking ATM’s

by Caron on October 19, 2016

Talking ATM’s – making money talk. I am going to have to have a closer look into this as to date I was unaware this amazing service was available. The RNIB have been working hard with High Street Banks and ATM companies as a whole to ensure people with sight loss are still able to […]


Chia seeds

by Caron on September 4, 2016

  Until recently many people in the UK hadn’t heard of the Chia seeds but with them heralded as the next superfoodare they as amazing as nutritionists say?. Chia, or Salvia hispanica L, is a member of the mint family from Mexico and South America. The flowering plant can sprout in a matter of days, but chia’s […]


Improving Poor circulation

by Caron on August 31, 2016

   Cold hands, warm heart  Poor circulation is a common problem, particularly among women but also among men. Does someone you care for look pale Do they have a sluggish digestive system Do they suffer from constipation Do they often feel drained of energy Are their feet and hands feel cold when the rest of them is warm Poor circulation […]


Great Hoover For The Elderly

by Caron on August 13, 2016

Safer And Easier to Use Caron Cares is  in effect the “Which” Guide to Helping the Elderly and there are some products and services I find in my travels that I am delighted to share. Anything that makes the lives of the elderly safer and easier gets the thumbs up in my book. Products and […]



by Caron on July 26, 2016

Fortisip, nutrition boosting drinks  These drinks are ideal for anyone elderly who may not be getting the vitamins or minerals they need to remain healthy. These easy to consume booster drinks are available on prescription and aid weight maintenance or promote weight gain. They are available in a range of formulas, some with added fibre, […]

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Pads that detect urine infections

by Caron on July 22, 2016

Pixie Pads for detecting Urine Infections An interesting name for an amazing new product newly launched in the UK ( Summer 2016), Pixie Pads are taking incontinence pads to a new level. Medicine has made tremendous progress treating disease after visible symptoms appear. But it is time for a new model. Inexpensive and unobtrusive early detection […]


Large Print Scrabble

by Caron on June 24, 2016

  Large Print Scrabble We all know that it is important to use our brains to guard against dementia. Scrabble is a wonderful game for this using both the brain and visual skills. Perfect if your eyesight is good however if someone has poor vision help is at hand. large print scrabble is an ideal […]


Make life easier in the kitchen

by Caron on June 20, 2016

Make life easier in the kitchen for the elderly Most elderly people want to remain as independent as possible and age brings with it arthritic fingers in many cases making some simple tasks much harder or even impossible. Here are 3 simple tips to make things a little easier. You may have already thought of […]


Pureed Foods

by Caron on June 16, 2016

Pureed food the dignified way  Pureed food from Oakhouse Foods that look good enough to eat. Pureed individually and re- shaped to resemble the original form. Huge thumbs up to Oakhouse foods for this. Not only separating food to puree so it retains its individual taste but to also reshape it where possible, to look […]


Don’t let the elderly overheat

by Caron on June 14, 2016

Don’t let the elderly overheat in the Summer Special reader offer. Save over £5 on the official retail price of the digital comfort thermometer. Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI)  are the UK’s largest digital thermometer manufacturer and have been very generously donated 100 of their comfort thermometers. With warmer weather knocking at our doors it […]


Remote Controlled Help

by Caron on June 12, 2016

Safe and easy – remote controlled help for the elderly. For a ridiculously affordable £14 or less you can help keep an elderly person safer at home. These remote controlled plugs allow someone to turn off electrical items without leaving the safety and comfort of their armchair. The electrical items such as their TV plug into […]


Plaster cast covers.

by Caron on May 18, 2016

Plaster cast covers. Cover my Cast A broken arm or leg is pain enough. Damaging your clothes with a rough plaster casts is another annoyance. One company found a way to stop this happening in a decorative and fun way and husband and wife team Bob and Marion Bignel turned an accident into a business venture, […]


Where can I hire mobility aids

by Caron on May 5, 2016

Where can I hire mobility aids ? One option is the British Red Cross who help people return to their own homes after a hospital stay by providing disabled aids for hire. This service also enables people to go on holiday with friends or family this retaining an increased level of independence. The main types of […]


Cutlery for Arthritic hands

by Caron on April 16, 2016

  Arthritis in your hands doesn’t only cause pain, stiffness and weakness if it is in all the finger joints it may become difficult to manage previously taken for granted tasks such as using cutlery. Pictured above is a set of specialist cutlery designed to help. The rounded knife blades uses a rocking action to make cutting […]


Hot drinks with out the risk of scalding

by Caron on April 11, 2016

One cup water boilers are easier and safer Older people are at the highest risk for fatal injuries from burns and scalds – four to five times greater than the population as a whole. Pre-existing conditions often contribute to their deaths. Contact burns to those over 65 can prove to be fatal. Frail and poor […]


Indoor Wheeled Trolleys

by Caron on April 7, 2016

Indoor Trolleys are a real help The elderly sometimes need a helping hand and carrying items when mobility is reduced. A prime example is carrying a cup of hot tea or a plate of food. Doing this with a walking stick this is both difficult and dangerous with the risk of scalding and falling if someone […]


Plugs made easy

by Caron on April 5, 2016

Do you know someone who struggles with plugs ? Even at my tender age I have noticed my hands are not as capable as they were years ago and I struggle with plugs. Elderly people also often have weakened wrists and or arthritis in their hands. A fabulous helping hand is available ( sorry for […]


Elderly/dementia friendly phone

by Caron on February 24, 2016

  Elderly friendly phone that is also ideal for someone with dementia. I am always happy to share the press releases from Amplicomms as the company create really useful products for the elderly, disabled people and those living with dementia. I do this independently and am not rewarded for doing so ! ( Just to […]