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Unclaimed Benefits

by Caron on September 6, 2017

Unclaimed Benefits There is no shame to claim – or is there? With alarming findings being reported in the Independent about elderly people living in poverty, whilst benefits go unclaimed one has to ask “why?” Is it because people are embarrassed to ask for help, because they are unaware of what help is available or […]


£7 billion deficit in elderly care – a year ! I have been banging on about this for a few years now. Why on earth has this issue not been addressed sooner. The insurance industry have a phrase, ” The cost of delay” and this is a prime example. The post war Government knew there […]

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Bike not buggy

by Caron on June 28, 2017

Bike not Buggy Whilst they may not be Bradley Wiggins, have you noticed how some elderly people still cycle everywhere? This is because they find cycling easier that walking and this article caught my eye. It is from the Guardian and it details how attitudes are slowly changing with cycles being seen as an alternative […]


  Care Teams are the way forward The image above is one of my “Blue Sky Thinking” presentation slides, where I champion small care teams. Source: Buurtzorg: the Dutch model of neighbourhood care that is going global | Social Care Network | The Guardian I wanted to share this incredibly interesting article with you. I […]


GP Shortage starts to bite.

by Caron on April 7, 2017

GP Shortage starts to bite. Patients will lose their “automatic right” to a same-day doctor’s appointment under new plans to cope with the shortage of GPs. My thoughts -I can see this leading to patients not either seeking medical treatment at all or needing to call an ambulance. Either way, it will lead to more […]


Diverse diets in care

by Caron on March 4, 2017

Diversity diets in Care Catering for special diets is an area of increasing concern in social care, but some charities and nutritionists are stepping up to the plate This is a very interesting and slightly different article I wanted to share with you from the Guardian. Source: Halal meat, vegan feasts: how care caterers meet […]


Football & Dementia

by Caron on February 26, 2017

Former Liverpool striker Ian St John calls on football’s leaders to look after former professionals who have dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I ask, “With the likes of Wayne Rooney being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a week should there not be a fund to support those former players living with football related brain injured […]


UK’s oldest care worker

by Caron on February 12, 2017

This is such an inspiring story and for once a postivie one too ! Source: ‘You’re never too old to try something new’: the UK’s oldest care worker | Social Care Network | The Guardian A great-grandmother once deemed too old to work is thought to be the oldest care worker in the UK. June […]


More cuts to care

by Caron on February 8, 2017

Cuts, cuts and more cuts and a Government unable to solve the problem in the social care disaster. Association says some of its 370 councils are struggling to meet legal requirement so badly they could face high court challenge Source: Councils may cut social care provision due to underfunding, LGA says | Society | The […]


Caring for Mum and Dad

by Caron on January 31, 2017

   Care crisis will require people to be as responsible for their parents as they are their children Caring for Mum and Dad – Caron Cares can help, “un-expected carers” Source: Take care of your elderly mothers and fathers, says Tory minister | Society | The Guardian Caring for Mum and Dad. It is most […]

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Waiting for God. “Warehousing”

by Caron on January 29, 2017

I saw this coming, just hoped it never would. I am greatly saddened at hout we as a developed nationa are so woefully dictating to our elderly and disabled. Money counts, people’s rights and dignity don’t. New rules could see 13,000 people with disabilities and long-term health needs forced into care homes. This is treating […]


‘Huge leap” prostate cancer

by Caron on January 23, 2017

  A quarter of men “could be spared invasive prostate biopsies” if gland was scanned first. Source: ‘Huge leap’ in prostate cancer testing – BBC News The biggest leap in diagnosing prostate cancer “in decades” has been made using new scanning equipment, say doctors and campaigners. Using advanced MRI nearly doubles the number of aggressive […]


Christmas with dementia

by Caron on December 16, 2016

Christmas for people with dementia. Christmas is not always the “the most wonderful time of the year” as the song suggests. Many elderly people find Christmas merely emphasizes how lonely life has become for them. For people living with dementia and their families, Christmas can bring additional stresses and strains. I have taken the following […]


Saga’s Rebrand

by Caron on November 2, 2016

Saga’s Rebrand I have just browsed through the first of the newly rebranded Saga’s. No longer the informative magazine for an older person, its more youthful as they feel their  readers are. What they seem to have forgotten is that whilst their readers might be fitter and more active many of them are caring for […]


Pensioner Numbers

by Caron on April 27, 2016

    With the Queen having just turned 90 did you know …. that the number of pensioners has doubled in the 6$ years the Queen took the throne and 44 times as many people reach 100. Figures from the Department for Work and Pensions also showed people, on average, are living nearly a decade […]


Dementia-A true Story

by Caron on April 23, 2016

This is a post I shared way back in 2012. I would like to think that now people with dementia are better understood now. This article is shocking and needs to be read. Arifa Akbar is deputy literary editor and arts writer at The Independent. She has been at the paper since 2001, and has […]



by Caron on January 25, 2016

Wearitbeatit day. Share your colour ( red ) and help raise funds and awareness for the British Heart Foundation. This year February the 5th is Wearitbeatit day when by wearing something red can help raise awareness and money through sponsorship and fundraising events for research into heart and circulatory disease. One in four people in the […]


Benefits for wealthy pensioners in the UK

by Caron on September 25, 2015

 Benefits for wealthy pensioners in the UK Do you think wealthy pensioners should receive the non – means tested Government benefits that at present are still available Should the likes of Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and members of the Royal family receive fuel allowance payments, free bus passes and a winter fuel allowance ? Mind […]


Staying safe on mobility scooters.

by Caron on September 11, 2015

Staying safe on a mobility scooter Should mobility scooters users have compulsory driving lessons before being allowed on the roads and pavements ? A new scheme recently introduced in Cornwall provides training to customers. Even driven slowly these are heavy machines and capable of causing serious damage to pedestrians and their users. I am the biggest […]


Undiagnosed Heart Problems

by Caron on April 17, 2015

Many elderly people are living with undiagnosed heart conditions. One in four people in their 80s are needlessly living with debilitating symptoms because they have undiagnosed heart problems that can be treated, a study has found. Researchers from Newcastle University have said the elderly are missing out on simple heart treatments which can prolong and […]


Help Following Hospital Discharge.

by Caron on April 5, 2015

  Following hospital discharge the elderly are missing out   Older people are missing out on help needed after a hospital stay because of confusion about what services councils should provide, a charity says. The WRVS wants local authorities to provide services that allow people to live independent lives when they get home after treatment. […]


The Worlds Oldest Person

by Caron on March 20, 2015

Leandra Becerra, believed to be the world’s oldest living person, turned 127 on Sunday in Mexico. Leandra Becerra marked the occasion with her grandson’s family in Zapopan, western Mexico. She has lived with his family for the last five years. Her grandson, Samuel Alvear, said he was told that Ms Becerra’s original birth certificate was […]


It’s never too late to stop smoking.

by Caron on March 9, 2014

People who give up cigarettes live longer than smokers – regardless of what age they were when they stop a new report has found. German researchers said even those who kick the habit at the age of 60 or over benefit from increased longevity. The report, which examines the findings of 17 earlier studies, is […]


Aspirin versus Warfarin

by Caron on January 25, 2014

  Asprin could be as effective as more expensive drugs for heart failure patients with a normal heart rhythm researchers have discovered. The study on more than 2,000 patients which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, said in tests of aspirin versus warfarin which is the most commonly prescribed drug each had […]


Men could be living as long as women

by Caron on January 15, 2014

It appears the gap between male and female life expectancy is closing and men could be living as long as women, according to the Office for National Statistics. Prof Les Mayhew said the difference between the sexes peaked at nearly six years in the 1970’s. Life expectancy  is increasing all round however for men  they […]


The cost of diabetes

by Caron on January 11, 2014

The cost of diabetes is not only measured by those living with the disease but it also has far reaching financial implications. The journal  Diabetic Medicine once stated that most NHS spending on diabetes was wasteful and that more frequent health checks and risk assessments could reduce this.  It was suggested that up to 80% […]


Lonely lives of the elderly

by Caron on July 23, 2013

 Lonely lives of the rural elderly The Daily Telegraph reported on the 22nd of July on the lonely lives of the rural elderly. “Elderly people who retire to the countryside face spending their final years in isolation as villages suffer cuts to bus services and post office closures, a report warns today. Half of Britons […]


Cholesterol lowering eye drops

by Caron on April 10, 2013

  All our senses are important but having watched my mother in law and several of my clients lose their sight this article from the BBC Health website is of particular interest to me. The effects of sight loss are far reaching and reduce independence in our elderly. 3 April 2013 Eye drops designed to […]