Personal musings

Operation Christmas Dinner

by Caron on January 2, 2017

Operation Christmas Dinner Months of planning and organising saw the culmination of ” Operation Christmas Dinner” a UK-wide initiative, providing elderly and terminally ill people, with a home cooked, fresh meal. I have been doing this with the help of my husband, Paul for five years now and this year we cooked for 15. It was easy […]


Happy New Year

by Caron on December 31, 2016

Happy New Year I sincerely hope 2017 is a good year for you and yours. I hope it brings calm and peace at the very least, but I know for many of you who are carers, one year will simply roll into the next. I don’t want to seem glib, but 2016 was the most […]


D for Dementia

by Caron on August 29, 2016

D for Dementia – Case Study from Diagnosis   This is a true case study and I will link to forthcoming updates to make it flow. I work as a Personal Assistant to several elderly ladies in a McCarthy and Stone retirement property and this morning H asked me to deliver a Birthday cake to D. […]


A Good Death

by Caron on December 9, 2014

No one likes to talk about death but there is such a thing as a good death. I am feeling reflective as I write this. I have just returned from visiting a gentleman I used to care for. He has until recent months been relatively fit and well,  managing to live at home with increasing […]


“We can be Heroes – Just for one day”

by Caron on December 3, 2014

“November Heroes” When I was stood listening to the Remembrance service I realised this was the one day that we actually honour  and respect our elderly. Those fortunate enough to still be alive and attend  the services across the world are heroes on this day. People respect these war veterans on this one day looking up […]


Old – What’s in a word ?

by Caron on October 29, 2014

What or when is ‘old’ ? I know an 87 year-old who is having a passionate sexual relationship with a neighbour 15 years her junior. She doesn’t feel old, she feels amazing! However, I also know of a 60 year-old with ME – at times he feels older than 87. So what is old? Is […]


My ideal care home, in a perfect world !

by Caron on November 16, 2013

In an ideal world this is what my chosen care home would be like  I recently wrote this for Care Industry News and is an idealistic wish in a perfect world Home from Home As an elderly person I am now as vulnerable as a young child, the difference being as a child I had […]