Hydration causing confusion

by Caron on June 7, 2017

Confusion in the elderly caused by dehydration Following on from my earlier article about encouraging elderly people to drink more fluids. This is important as the weather warms up. Confusion in the elderly is often caused by one of the following situations, Dementia or other memory loss Medication De-hydration Urine infection This article is focussing […]

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“Operation Christmas Dinner”

by Caron on October 29, 2016

“Operation Christmas Dinner” As Tesco say ” Every Little Helps” and this year I am joined by many volunteers across the U.K. who are going to be cooking meals for the elderly who are alone on Christmas Day. For many elderly people, Christmas enforces the loneliness they feel all year round and is especially difficult […]


Chia seeds

by Caron on September 4, 2016

  Until recently many people in the UK hadn’t heard of the Chia seeds but with them heralded as the next superfoodare they as amazing as nutritionists say?. Chia, or Salvia hispanica L, is a member of the mint family from Mexico and South America. The flowering plant can sprout in a matter of days, but chia’s […]


Avocado Pears

by Caron on August 11, 2016

10 reasons to eat more Avocado and it’s never too late to start Prostate Cancer Prevention Avocados have been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. Oral Cancer Defense Research has shown that certain compounds in avocados are able to seek out pre-cancerous and cancerous oral cancer cells and destroy them without harming healthy […]


Loss of Appetite

by Caron on July 24, 2016

Loss of appetite in someone elderly. Proper nutrition is vital to the elderly in order to  maintain good health, retain and build bone mass and, importantly, to enable medications to work effectively in the body with fewer side effects. If you are a carer you may notice a loss of appetite in the person you care […]


An Apple a Day

by Caron on June 26, 2016

It’s never too late to look after your health I was heartened this week when an 87 year old told me he was taking care of himself better. A friend of his who was older had just lost a leg because of diabetes. As the man I am talking about  is taking chemotherapy  medication and […]



by Caron on June 6, 2016

Know your vitamins Did you know that as you age you start to lack certain vitamins ? Elderly people often find it hard to get enough vitamin D from diet and sunlight alone and many also lack vitamin B12 which aids memory. Do you take daily supplements of vitamins and minerals because you think they […]


No appetite

by Caron on May 31, 2016

  No appetite, how do you maintain good nutrition ? Weight loss in the elderly is common place but not necessarily normal. Many factors can cause a loss of appetite, bereavement, poorly fitting dentures, depression and medication to name just a few. Lack of food due to illness or stress can leave you feeling lethargic […]


High Carbs & The Elderly Brain

by Caron on April 13, 2016

   Do excess carbohydrates harm the elderly brain ? A balanced diet includes food rich in carbohydrates. Although there are many fitness gurus and programs that cut back on carbohydrate intake the fact is the body needs carbohydrates to supply energy to carry  out life sustaining functions. For physically active people, a diet high in carbohydrate is an […]


Sleep problems-Cherry Juice

by Caron on April 3, 2016

Cherries may be small but their health benefits are huge. Recently sleeping tablets have been linked to Dementia. It has been found that drinking a concentrated juice of Montmorency Cherry may also help improve sleep for someone elderly who is already taking prescription medication. By  increasing the levels of Melatonin in the body which control sleep, studies […]


10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing

by Caron on April 1, 2016

Patrick Holford author of “The 10 Secrets to Healthy Ageing I do think that diet and health are key components to good health and healthy ageing. Whilst not all conditions can be effectively controlled by nutrition alone, the many side effects of widely prescribed medication means a little research into alternatives may be beneficial to […]

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by Caron on March 26, 2016

  Malnutrition in the elderly is more common than you may think. The Malnutrition Task Force is an independent group of experts across health, social care and local government united to address avoidable and preventable malnutrition in older people. Established in 2012, they share their expertise and work with partners in hospitals, care homes, local authorities and private […]


Could Sterols Damage Your Health

by Caron on March 24, 2016

Could so called “healthy” sterols actually be damaging your health ? You only have to visit any supermarket to realise that cholesterol-reducing foods are big business. Everything from specialised margarines to yoghurts now line the shelves – all promising to lower cholesterol and promote heart health. However, the impact a food has on cholesterol levels […]


Slow Cooker

by Caron on February 8, 2016

Making cooking easier for someone elderly. I love my slow cooker. Bung all the ingredients in together and leave it to do all the work. The result is always hot, tasty and nourishing. Looking for ways to help keep the elderly independent for longer. A slow cooker is an ideal kitchen aid ensuring healthy tasty hot […]


Food for thought

by Caron on January 31, 2016

  We all love good food don’t we ? The smell of a delicious meal cooking tempting the taste buds and stimulating the appetite. I have previously written about cooking for the elderly and how to encourage someone elderly to eat well who has lost their appetite. I had the prime example of an elderly […]


Good nutrition for the elderly

by Caron on October 1, 2015

Good nutrition for the elderly especially when they lack appetite With so much discussion about obesity currently, it is also important to remember that being too thin is not healthy and good nutrition for the elderly is vital to maintain good health and well being. This is difficult to maintain due to lack of appetite, […]


Porridge the superfood

by Caron on September 21, 2015

  Porridge the super food. I am a huge fan of porridge. Made easier by the ready measured packs so you always achieve the correct consistency its a breakfast superfood that is a must for us all. While the beauty of porridge is in its simplicity, there’s now another reason to love this most wholesome of […]


Why we need potassium

by Caron on August 10, 2015

  Why we need potassium Bananas have earned themselves quite a healthy reputation in the fitness world for the high levels of potassium they contain. Potassium is an important mineral for a number of bodily functions. Potassium may play a hand in keeping blood pressure at reasonable levels so if you have high blood pressure it […]


Diabetes and Alzheimers Link.

by Caron on June 21, 2015

  Link found between diabetes and alzheimers. High levels of the hormone insulin, brought on by a bad diet, may harm the brain in the same way that the muscle, liver and fat cells are affected by type two diabetes. Exposing the brain to too much insulin could cause it to stop responding to the […]


Chai seeds for the elderly

by Caron on June 8, 2015

  Chia Seed chai seeds is a small black seed deriving from the desert plan Salvia Hispanica, which is developed in Mexico and dates back to Aztec and Mayan societies. Holland & Barrett supply various chia seed products, including the edible chia seed, health shots and nutritious powders. What is chai seeds? Originating from South […]


Can Fish oils help slow ageing

by Caron on June 5, 2015

 Do Fish Oils ‘Help Slow Age Decline’   Findings of a recent trial show that women aged over 65 who received omega-3 fatty acids gained almost twice as much muscle strength following exercise than those taking olive oil.  A larger trial is planned to confirm these findings and to determine why muscle condition improves. Some […]


Marmite and MRSA

by Caron on June 3, 2015

Love it or hate it, most of us were raised on Marmite There is a really important reason for us all but especially someone elderly to continue eating it too. Scientists have found that high doses of niacin, or vitamin B3, massively boost the body’s defences against staphylococcus bacteria which is responsible for the MRSA […]



by Caron on May 16, 2015

Blackberries, what do they have to do with elderly people ? Blackberry picking used to be an enjoyable activity, foraging for free berries in late August to be made into jams and pies. Now available in supermarkets all year round – what do blackberries contain and why should we all be having a few more in our […]


High Cholesterol

by Caron on May 14, 2015

What is Cholesterol and what is meant by high Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty substance that occurs naturally in the body and whilst it plays a vital role, having too much cholesterol in your blood can increase your risk of heart disease. There are two main types of cholesterol:1- High-density lipoprotein (HDL)2 – low-density lipoprotein (LDL).Lipoprotein is the […]


Eat well to age well

by Caron on November 14, 2014

Eat well to age well. Health is the key to being able to enjoy a long, independent and happy life. We should all be eating foods to maximising this especially in light of the recent push from the NHS for us to look after ourselves.  With this thought in mind I have compiled a list of 10 […]


Dehydration In the Elderly

by Caron on September 19, 2014

  How to avoid dehydration and  ten top tips to keep the elderly well hydrated. Introduce more juicy fruits such as melons and grapes Add sugar free squash to water if they don’t like plain water Ice lollies in the Summer months Ice cubes watery soups and consome in cooler months Jelly made with water and containing […]



by Caron on August 13, 2014

My Mother-in-Law had undiagnosed osteoporosis until she simultaneously fractured both collar bones. She did nothing to cause the fractures, no fall or trip, they just fractured. This resulted in 16 weeks in hospital unable to do anything for herself. She was also registered blind. She was sadly in a hospital ward for the majority of […]


How to help someone with sight loss

by Caron on July 3, 2014

 Helping someone with sight loss The invention of microwaveable ready meals has made mealtimes easier for the elderly who either don’t want to cook or find it difficult. Simply pop in the microwave and off you go. That is if you have good eye-sight and can see the cooking instructions. If you care for someone […]


Large waists and the health risk to women.

by Caron on February 1, 2014

Over 50% of British women have waists that are larger than the recommended healthy size, experts  have reported. Large waists for women indicate a health risk. Researchers from the charity Nuffield Health say overweight women  have an increased chance of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Being overweight has also been linked with […]


The cost of diabetes

by Caron on January 11, 2014

The cost of diabetes is not only measured by those living with the disease but it also has far reaching financial implications. The journal  Diabetic Medicine once stated that most NHS spending on diabetes was wasteful and that more frequent health checks and risk assessments could reduce this.  It was suggested that up to 80% […]


Studies suggest that drinking tea whilst eating a meal can reduce the intake of iron by up to 60 % which in some isolated cases can lead to anaemia. The elderly are more at risk of iron deficiency anaemia and by simply drinking a quality orange juice with meals instead of tea can increases their […]


Malnutrition Task Force

by Caron on September 18, 2013

Malnutrition Task Force Did you know that there is a malnutrition task force in the UK ? Their aim is to reduce malnutrition in older people optimising their health. This in turn reduces unnecessary costs across the NHS, health and social care systems and improves the quality of life of the older person. Malnutrition is […]


Over 60 ? What should you be eating ?

by Caron on July 4, 2013

If you are over 60 what should you be eating ? Vitamins are vital as we age. Physiological and psychological changes occur which have a direct effect on your nutritional requirements. Our bodies becomes less efficient at absorbing and utilizing  many vitamins and minerals. Long-term use of prescription drugs can also reduce the absorption of […]


Ten Top Meals for the elderly

by Caron on May 15, 2013

Ten top meals for the elderly It may sometimes feel like a challenge finding suitable meals for an elderly person with false teeth or dental problems. Foods need to be soft and easy to chew yet still tasty and nutritious. Here are ten top meals for the elderly Corned beef hash A cheats version is […]


Is Quinoa good for the elderly?

by Caron on March 29, 2013

Is quinoa good for the elderly ? Over 5000 years ago the Incas cultivated the grain-like seed quinoa as one of their staple crops. Now science has shown that this humble “grain” is actually a superfood! Quinoa is full of  nutrients, antioxidants and can even help balance your blood sugar. As a result, people everywhere […]


Jelly for the elderly.

by Caron on March 19, 2013

 Jelly for the elderly and how it encourages good hydration. I have always associated jelly with children’s parties. However whilst away this week (on the paradise Island of Mauritius as part of my husbands corporate conference !!!!) I was talking to someone about my website and elderly people drinking enough water. She had sadly nursed […]


Helping an Elderly Person eat well

by Caron on March 9, 2013

What do  you do when someone elderly no longer wants to cook for them self ? Helping an  elderly person eat well need not be a challenge if you are unable to cook for them all the time. Ready made Supermarket meals are an option but this still means getting to the shops unless you […]