Safety in the Home

Keep Warm this Winter

by Caron on October 10, 2017

  Don’t let our elderly die of cold! Winter Deaths are at an all time low,  please help me ensure this continues I know I  keep sharing this post but that is because I am so passionate to prevent elderly people, unnecessarily, being unwell or dying. I have just received another batch and have stocked […]



by Caron on June 19, 2017

  Not too hot! Keep the elderly safe in the heatwave FREE ROOM THERMOMETERS AVAILABLE – keep an eye on the temperature. Summer has arrived with a fierce heat. Not that I mind, but excess heat can spell trouble for the elderly. The recommended temperature for the main living room is 21C or 70F – my office […]


Stair lifts

by Caron on May 4, 2017

Stairlifts change lives I was contacted by Jennifer Isles of Acorn Stair lifts with this case study proving what an amazing difference they can make to someone’s’ life. An 81-year-old great-grandmother has spoken out about how a stairlift has changed her life  “I didn’t want the family home that I’ve lived in for 50 years […]


Unsafe carbon monoxide detectors

by Caron on October 23, 2016

WHICH reveal unsafe carbon monoxide detectors Which reveal  the unsafe carbon monoxide detectors that failed their safety test. Find out how to buy a safe one and avoid the models that put you risk. A Which investigation has led to 10 dangerous carbon monoxide alarms being removed from sale by Amazon and Ebay. Their independent tests revealed […]


Preventing Falls

by Caron on August 1, 2016

Preventing Falls “Pride comes before a fall”. More often than not far more than just pride is lost following a fall for someone elderly. A fall resulting in a broken hip for someone over 80 may result in death caused by postoperative complications. Less drastic is the loneliness and isolation caused by a lack of confidence. […]


Scald prevention

by Caron on February 22, 2016

Preventing scalds in the elderly The elderly are especially at risk of  accidents and I am passionate about doing all I can to prevent them.  I was contacted by Philippa Aldrich from the Future Perfect company in response to my article on kettle cradles and other gadgets to help prevent the elderly scalding themselves. The Future Perfect […]


Call bell alarm systems

by Caron on February 10, 2016

Call bell alarm systems for the elderly We all want the elderly to remain at home for as long as viable. Often an elderly person living alone feels isolated and vulnerable. The risk of a fall or an accident or suddenly feeling extremely unwell is a worry to them. A Community Alarm ensures that help […]


Warm Homes Discount

by Caron on January 24, 2016

Warm Homes Discount  If income is low people may be entitled to £135 discount off their Winter electricity bill under the UK’s Warm Home Discount. Eligible people should automatically receive the discount automatically if they receive the GUARANTEE part of pension credit. People who receive the savings credit do not qualify . If you are over 75 and […]


5 ways to prevent a fall

by Caron on January 22, 2016

5 ways to prevent a fall Did you realise you loose 30% of our muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70. This can however be counteracted by regular physical activity with the current guideline being 30 minutes, 5 times per week. Gardening, cycling, housework and walking all count towards this allocation. Yoga and […]


Bedroom safety

by Caron on January 10, 2016

Bedroom safety for the elderly Most of us think as the most dangerous rooms in the homes of the elderly as the bathroom and the kitchen. However the cosy retreat of the bedroom can also house some perils. Here a few considerations for a safer bedroom Ensure any floor coverings such as carpets and rugs […]


Hot Water Bottles

by Caron on November 19, 2015

Hot water bottles and the elderly Hot water bottles have been in existence since the 16th century. Hot coals from the embers of the fire were used in the earliest versions and used to warm the bed before use. Later came the earthenware hot water containers which had the advantage of being able to remain in […]


Safety in the home – kettle tipper

by Caron on June 29, 2015

Who enjoys a few cups of tea or coffee to to see them through their day?  Most of us if the truth be known however for someone elderly or disabled this can be a potential danger. Arthritic hands, a general lack of strength and reduced sight are all factors that can make a boiling kettle an accident waiting […]


Hot Drinks Safely.

by Caron on April 23, 2015

Help keep the elderly safe when making hot drinks The household kettle is a basic fundamental for every household but for an elderly person it can pose a danger as arthritic hands and general lack of strength and possibly reduced sight can make it an accident waiting to happen. Every one and a half minutes someone […]


Future Home Care, Robots?

by Caron on April 13, 2015

I personally think this is a little futuristic but I can also see the advantages. I like the fact ‘Hector’ can detect physiological signs in the person they care for and to be honest a caring Robot is better than an uncaring carer ! Robotic Companion Supports Assisted Independent Living Researchers in Europe have developed […]


Macular Degeneration- How to Help.

by Caron on March 28, 2015

Loss of central vision means this is what you see. The blurred image is what you see when you have an established case of Age Related Macular Degeneration. Millions of people are living with the condition which causes the loss of central vision but does not cause blindness; there is always sight available. The peripheral vision […]


Bathing Made Safer

by Caron on January 12, 2015

Who doesn’t love a Bath ? Warm, relaxing and soothing. Who doesn’t love a bath once in a while? Surrounded by lovely scented bubbles it always seems like a treat and “me time”. The bathroom however is one of the rooms where most falls in the elderly occur. Much can be done to prevent this […]


Avoiding Falls in the elderly

by Caron on January 8, 2015

How can we help to prevent falls in the elderly ? A few easy steps to take include; Mopping up spillages straight away. Removing clutter, loose wires and puckered carpets Using non-slip mats and rugs Using high-watt light bulbs in lamps and light so rooms are adequately lit Organise the home so less climbing and […]


Drawing test and stroke risks

by Caron on November 6, 2014

A 2012 study finds a link between a simple line test and the increased risk of a stroke in men. The study  in the British Medical Journal looked at 1,000 men between the ages of 67 and 75 over  a period of 14 years and of the 155 men who had a stroke, 22 died […]


Fire Safety for Older People

by Caron on September 23, 2014

Older People Set to be Safer in Their Homes due to a Fire Safety initiative. Millions of older people in the UK are safer from fire in their homes  now following the launch of a National Older Persons Strategy by the Chief Fire Officers’ Association. The launch was attended by representatives from;  Fire and Rescue services, […]


Security for the Elderly

by Caron on June 19, 2014

Security for the elderly is essential, what can be done to protect them ? Many older people feel slightly more vulnerable at home nowadays. In years gone by you always knew who your neighbour was and could leave your doors unlocked.  Sadly how times have  changed. There are several steps you can take to ensure an elderly […]


National Falls Awareness Week

by Caron on June 15, 2014

Falls awareness week runs from June 15th-21st 2014 Falls represent a serious problem for older people; they occur in around 30% of over 65s and 50% of those aged over 80 every year. Falls often result in serious consequences, both physically and psychologically. In addition to bruising, fractures, and in some cases, death, a fall […]


Why ignore advice about falls ?

by Caron on May 4, 2014

    Why do many older people ignore advice about falls ? Many older people consider fall prevention advice as irrelevant to them, falls affect people older than them is the view held by many over 75’s in a study of those who had fallen recently!. Many of those studied rejected the idea that they are at risk of […]


Memorising the names of medicines

by Caron on April 14, 2014

Memorising the names of prescribed medications may ensure they are taken correctly. A recent study in America has found that memorising the names medicines that have been prescribed may encourage you to take them and may even prevent a hospital admission. The study of people over 50 showed that those who simply relied on the […]


Fall prevention in the elderly

by Caron on December 18, 2013

   NHS call for a cohesive plan to cut the elderly falling  One third of adults over 65 and half of those over 80 will fall each year. The Department of Health said it was working hard to prevent falls and improve the treatment following one. Injuries from falls are the leading cause of death […]


Fall prevention and medication

by Caron on November 11, 2013

Did you know that if someone takes more than four prescription medications per day they are at an increased risk of falling ? Fall prevention is essential as in many cases falls in the elderly can cause death due to  the complications arising from injuries.  Falls are also often caused by the following, and prevention […]

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What is Tele-care ?

by Caron on August 23, 2013

What is Tele-care ? Most of us are familiar with the emergency call bell systems for the elderly but as technology advances so does the innovation to help people remain safe and independent. Tele-care and tele-health services are especially helpful for the elderly with long-term conditions. They provide peace of mind to relatives in as much […]


Disabled facilities grant

by Caron on August 19, 2013

  Disabled facilities grant The disabled facilities grant may be available from the council if someone you care for needs changes to their home.  There has been recent publicity regarding the difficulty applicants have had in obtaining the grants and that the system is complicated. The grant  is available  however and could be used to; […]


Heat wave: Caring for older people

by Caron on July 12, 2013

Heat wave: Caring for older people  Older people are at increased risk of heat related illness, especially if they live alone, have medical conditions or take certain medicines. Being frail, not able to move as easily, or having dementia or a mental illness, can affect their ability to take adequate care of themselves in hot weather. The following […]


Good Ideas

by Caron on June 23, 2013

I love good ideas and this is useful for any household. A simple label on a covered food item stating when it was opened/cooked. How many times have you gone to the fridge to find a half used tin of beans and had no idea when they were opened? If you have a relative with […]


 Do you worry about an elderly relative scalding themselves when making a drink ? This applies especially to someone with sight loss. I bought one of these handy water level indicators  for my Mother in Law when she had glaucoma and very poor sight. They hook over the side of a mug, cup or bowl […]


Maintaining independence in the kitchen for the elderly can be achieved by making a few changes and a little thought. For an elderly person to still be able to cook not only maintains independence but also dignity and self estemm Remove anything that is not needed to create space and reduce the risk of knocking […]


Good  lighting helps those with sight loss see objects in the home and can make a significant difference to their independence . As the old fashioned light bulbs are being phases out in favour of the new energy saving ones the Macular Society report and a   printed booklet called “Choosing energy saving light bulbs for […]


Test smoke alarms for the elderly

by Caron on May 22, 2013

  Smoke alarms save lives. How often do you test the one in the home of the elderly person you care for ? We are all advised to have a smoke alarms for the elderly are even more essential as they are at more at risk of having a fire at home and less able […]