Dementia Assistance Cards

by Caron on October 12, 2017

Dementia Assistance Cards These cards are slowly being recognised as a really useful aid for someone with dementia. They work on many levels. For the person with dementia, it means they can maintain their independence for longer which is really important for self-esteem. If you know of someone anywhere in the world who would benefit […]


Virtual Reality

by Caron on November 26, 2016

Virtual reality and people with dementia. I am not the most tech-savvy person in the world and am known for my lack of enthusiasm for telecare. Although I understand the need for safety and affordability, I also fear the lack of the human touch. Monitoring, not caring. However, when this virtual reality project came to light […]


Dementia Whisperer

by Caron on November 24, 2016

Book Review – The Dementia Whisperer By Ages B Juhasz. I was delighted to be asked to review this book as the winner of  the health and social care category at the UK Blog Awards 2016. Wow! What a read, it is a real gem. Ideal as a stand-alone book for anyone with no connection […]


Santa Forgot

by Caron on November 18, 2016

Just Imagine if Santa forgot This has to be one of the best Christmas advertisements of all time, combining Christmas and dementia. A wonderful way to raise awareness of the disease but hopefully will really get children, especially younger, ones asking questions. Santa Forgot, narrated by Stephen Fry, imagines a world where Santa is living […]


Dementia & Fear

by Caron on October 17, 2016

Dementia – the greatest fear According to a recent article in Saga, 86% of people fear developing dementia. This is also the same percentage as those who dread developing cancer and 2% more than those who fear a stroke. Ten thousand people were questioned and of them 59% were also fearful their partner or a […]


Dementia & hospital stays

by Caron on October 3, 2016

Hospitals are not good places for people with dementia.   Many of us know that people with dementia can decline rapidly following a stay in hospital. The suffer increased confusion, disorientation and increased distress. Sir David Nicholson, former Chief Executive of the NHS Commissioning Board describes hospitals as ‘bad places’ for frail older people and […]


Alzheimers Dementia Guide

by Caron on August 23, 2016

The Dementia Guide This is a must have for anyone with a new diagnosis of any form of dementia. It is FREE and packed full of useful information. A diagnosis of dementia often comes as a heavy blow to both the person and their family. There is a fantastic new guide available to anyone affected […]


Assistance Card Feedback

by Caron on March 17, 2016

The Dementia Assistance Card – Feedback  Being free to all I really thought the Dementia assistance card would have found its’ wings and really flown out of the door but slow and steady wins the race. Sadly dementia is not going anywhere and these cards are sticking around!!. Just over the 3,00th download of the assistance […]

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Dementia and couples

by Caron on February 4, 2016

Dementia and how it affect couples. One of the things I most enjoy about writing this blog is how I meet so many interesting people with similar interests. Recently I was introduced to Damian Murphy who offers dementia friendly training and consultancy. He has worked in the dementia field for many years and has chosen […]


Beta Blockers and Dementia

by Caron on January 29, 2016

Beta Blockers and Dementia. Taking beta-blocker drugs may cut the risk of dementia, a trial in 774 men suggests. The medication is used to treat high blood pressure, a known risk factor for dementia. In the study, which was presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s March meeting, men on beta-blockers were less likely to have brain […]


Memory jogging Puzzles

by Caron on October 29, 2015

Memory Jogging Puzzles – for people with dementia. Karen Miller developed Memory Jogging Puzzles and Matching Games in 2008 and with Christmas not that far off I  thought it would be timely to share this. Karen said “My mother suffered strokes and Dementia, observing her struggles and learning nothing had changed since her death in 1994. Since […]


B vitamins and good brain health

by Caron on September 15, 2015

B Vitamins and good brain health How to keep a brain healthy. Eat a tin of sardines a day! High levels of the amino acid homocysteine are linked to brain shrinkage and an increased risk of Dementia. B vitamins are known to suppress homocysteine  and a study carried out in 2010 showed that an increased rate of […]


Dementia – early diagnosis

by Caron on August 20, 2015

 Early diagnosis of dementia The importance of early dementia diagnosis is important to many, but not to all. The Jury is out at present amongst GP’s but for those who agree it is important there is a useful app. With the potential for long term cost savings and improved quality of life, the benefits of […]


Do brain training exercises really work?

by Caron on August 2, 2015

Do brain training exercises  really work? Brain Training exercises in an attempt to prevent or slow cognitive decline is a debated matter. Whilst the ‘use it or loose it’ adage may hold some weight research is showing there is little evidence to prove that this is the case. Prof Snyder, of Warren Alpert Medical School […]


Singing for the Brain

by Caron on July 13, 2015

  Singing for the brain. ‘Singing for the Brain’ is a service provided by Alzheimer’s Society which uses singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating social environment. Singing is not only an enjoyable activity, it can also provide a way for people with dementia, along with their carers, to express themselves and […]


Dementia Awareness Week 2015

by Caron on May 20, 2015

Dementia Awareness Week 2015. As this is now officially Dementia Awareness week I would like to share this with you. Pippa Kelly, the wonderful blogger and Winner of the Older People in the Media Awards 2014 has recently published this article about What “Dementia Friendly” really means. “Dementia Friendly. What does it really mean?” Dementia Friendly.  […]


The Saddest Goodbye.

by Caron on January 14, 2015

The Saddest Goodbye The saddest goodbye: Endless words are written on dementia. But can ANY match the poignancy of cartoonist Tony Husband’s account of watching it steal away his father? My photo of Tony Husband at the OPMA2014 just after he had received his award for Best Coverage of Issues Around Dementia, Barchester Healthcare Special […]


Barriers to Dementia Diagnosis.

by Caron on January 2, 2015

 Barriers to Dementia Diagnosis It is reported that many patients face “shocking” delays for dementia diagnosis and treatment, according to a report by MPs and peers. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia says GPs are often seen as barriers to a diagnosis due to either stigma or sheer volume of patients and workload. The report says some […]


Christmas with Dementia

by Caron on December 20, 2014

  Introduction. I was delighted to be approached by the company responsible for marketing for the UK’s largest independent care provider, Care UK and asked to share this with you. As Christmas is the time to think of others and share I read the article and really found it interesting and useful and agreed. What was […]


Living with Dementia,

by Caron on November 20, 2014

First Steps to Living with Dementia by Dr Simon Atkins. A diagnosis of dementia is daunting and naturally creates so many questions. The First steps to living with Dementia is one of a series of self help guides on a range of health matters.Simon Atkins is a practising GP and medical journalist and the book […]


Brain scans to diagnose dementia

by Caron on February 13, 2014

There are several types of brain scans to diagnose dementia by doctors which include; CT or CAT scans are a way of taking pictures of the brain using X-rays and a computer. The full name for a CAT scan is computerised axial tomography MRI scans create an image of the brain using radio signals produced by […]


Is Dementia linked to Stress?

by Caron on February 5, 2014

  UK experts are to begin a study to find out if stress can trigger dementia. The investigation which is being funded by the Alzheimer’s Society will monitor 140 people with mild cognitive impairment which is also known as “pre-dementia” and look at how stress affects their condition. The researchers will take blood and saliva […]


The G8 dementia summit

by Caron on January 17, 2014

The G8 Dementia Summit – A Missed Opportunity ? This article has been kindly contributed by Chris Moon Willems from Relative Matters Dementia presents the biggest health and social care challenge of a generation and replaces cancer as the disease that people fear most. There are now over 800.00 people living with dementia in the […]


I came across Ostrich in 2013 in Farewell magazine. I contacted them and have watched them explode into something huge. They help us Purple Angel ambassadors raise awareness regarding dementia. They had agreed to provide 150,000 GPS  tracker systems for those with a diagnosis of dementia. These systems mean that if someone “wanders” or goes […]


Meet my dementia expert

by Caron on December 14, 2013

 Introducing Paul Smith Paul has very kindly accepted my request to become my resident dementia expert. Paul is  available for advice, help, lectures, presentations and day to day advice exclusively through Caron Cares (and my other dementia related websites which are under construction.) Here is Paul’s career profile and I think you will agree I […]


Let’s talk about dementia

by Caron on December 10, 2013

The Telegraph shared that currently less than half of those living with Dementia in the UK are not being diagnosed formally according to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. (Dec 2013) It is believed that Doctors fear patients would be stigmatised if given a diagnosis, when in reality many people are relieved to get a diagnosis. If […]


What is Sundowners syndrome?

by Caron on November 26, 2013

I heard someone refer to their husband as having Sundowners syndrome and didn’t know what this meant to him and others with dementia. Sadness, agitation, fear, and other mood and behaviour changes that occur just before dark are called Sundowner’s Syndrome. It is also known as “Sundowning”. Carers may notice that their partner with dementia becomes more […]


Weddings and Alzhiemers

by Caron on November 2, 2013

Weddings and Alzheimers What do Weddings and Alzheimers have to do with one another I hear you ask ? Let your special day help someone else’s day. Did you know that whilst you celebrate your happy day, you can also help others? If you are getting married for the second time or if you are […]


The truth about dementia

by Caron on October 24, 2013

    The truth about Dementia This account is written by Norman Mc Namara (Diagnosed with Dementia six years ago now and still FIGHTING IT !! THE TRUTH I have dementia, it’s a terminal disease, I am slowly dying and disappearing right in front of my families eyes, bit by bit each and every day. […]


Dementia Aware

by Caron on August 5, 2013

How Dementia aware are you ? I have to admit until maybe 10 years ago I had little knowledge of the condition. Ignorance isn’t bliss when at the least knowlege and education brings awareness and understanding. I recently joined a facebook page established by a gentleman who has dementia and aim of the ” Torbay Dementia […]


Dementia Dogs

by Caron on August 1, 2013

  Dementia Dogs This week  two highly trained Dementia dogs have started working with two couples in Tayside.This is  as part of a pilot scheme and is the brain-child of the students from the Glasgow School of Art. If  proved successful the scheme will expand as more dogs are trained. Working in a similar way […]


Pictures to Share

by Caron on June 30, 2013

In 2005 in response to seeing how dementia affects the ability of people to enjoy traditional media, Helen Bate established Pictures to Share as a Social Enterprise. Following detailed research and development the former illustrator of books for children published the first three titles with the support of charitable sponsors. Such was the success of those […]


  Living in the past in the present for  those living with dementia   One of the key services offered by the The Housing Industry Association (HIA) is a retro redecorating service for people living with dementia and is an idea that can be copied by anyone caring for someone who has dementia who is […]


Important Ways iPads Can Help People Living With Dementia By Chris Moon-Willems Since I bought my mother an iPad I use a variety of iPad apps with her and regularly recommend iPads to my clients who are also responsible for elderly loved ones living with dementia. Even for those with very limited ability, there is […]


“This is me” – communication tool

by Caron on May 23, 2013

The “This is me” leaflet is designed as a communication tool for anyone with Dementia who receives care in any setting; At home In hospital In a respite home In a care home. Originally developed for people with dementia who were going into hospital it is a  simple and practical tool that people with dementia can use […]


National Dementia Week

by Caron on May 21, 2013

  This week is National Dementia Awareness week 2013, when as the name says charities and organisations are working to raise awareness of  dementia and importantly the person behind it. I have decided to share a useful resource with you , one that will increase in demand as the cases of dementia are set to […]


Sussex Police and Dementia

by Caron on May 18, 2013

Mind Me GPS for dementia sufferers Sussex Police have adopted a proactive attitude to the issue of those who suffer with Dementia and wander.  In most cases it is the the Police who are the first port of call for people who’s relative has gone missing. This is a costly use of police time when […]