What to do after a fall.

What to do after a fall

Falls can happen to anyone  but as we age the chances of having one increases.
Other contributory factors include;
  • impaired vision,
  • reduced mobility
  • ill-fitting footwear
  • clutter on the floor
  • carpets that have “crumpled”
  • loose rugs
  • medication
  • alcohol
  • cognitive impairment 
The following advice may be of use to someone who has fallen. Sadly it probably won’t be the last time.
Advise them
  • not panic if they fall. It is understandable to feel shocked and shaken
  • to stay calm it will help them gather their thoughts and think what to do
  • advise them to get up slowly
  • suggest they roll onto their hands and knees and find a stable piece of furniture, such as a chair or bed, to support them as they slowly get up
  •  advise them to rest for a while before carrying on with their normal routine
  • ensure if they are injured they call for help

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