War Pensioners Mobility Supplement

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War Pensioners Mobility Supplement

War Pensioners Mobility Supplement (WPMS) is payable to war pensioners whose pensioned disablement(s) causes them serious difficulty in walking, or the effects of walking could pose a serious risk to health.
WPMS can be claimed at any age if:
• a war pension at the 40% or higher rate is in payment and
• the pensioned disablement that causes the serious walking difficulty is likely to last 6 months or more


• the pensioned disablements are blindness assessed at 90% or more AND  is deafness assessed at 80% or more.

War pensioners in receipt of War Pensioners Mobility Supplement are exempt from paying road tax and toll charges on some motorways.

War Pensioners Mobility Supplement cannot be paid at the same time as Disability Living Allowance Mobility Component.

War Pensioners Mobility Supplement is a tax-free allowance.


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