Help with sight loss


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Are you visually impaired or do you know someone who is ?

What help do you need and where can you find it ?

Action for Blind people is a National Charity with a local reach.

Although the name refers to blind this does also include people who are visually impaired and have  some degree of sight loss

It has advisers who will visit the person who is visually impaired at home and provide practical problem-solving solutions to enable independent living.They can offer emotional support too. This is very important as a diagnosis of sight loss is often met with shock,anger,disbelief and fear.

One of my clients was told simply “You are going to be blind”.

She has dry age-related macular degeneration and in many cases, sight is lost but not totally. She was not offered this as a hope and went and sat in her car and cried. She was offered no counselling or directed to any agencies who could offer practical help either. I am aware that this situation is currently under review and it is not before time.

Action for blind people helps people with advice on benefit entitlements, and how to register as blind. Their website also has a resource section detailing the conditions causing sight loss and can be visited by clicking here






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