this is a picture of three very drunk mice

Three blind (drunk) mice

this is a picture of three very drunk mice

This is a true Story – my Boxing day funny.

I share this one each Boxing Day, until I find something funnier.

One of the people I care for asked me whether I made my own Christmas Cake. I said I didn’t but that I love a really moist, boozy one.

It reminded me of an elderly couple I used to visit, who lived in a large house with a little bit of a mouse problem!. The lady of the house had made a large, very boozy Christmas cake which was kept covered in the dining room. I knew it was very boozy as the alcohol was actually leaking out onto the plate.

The weeks passed following Christmas, and the cake was getting smaller and smaller and the mouse droppings…more and more.

I told them I had seen droppings and nothing else was said until I discovered the mice had eaten ALL the cake !!! You can just imagine the state of the mice.

this is a picture of three very drunk mice



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  1. I have just seen your comment about the Christmas cake and its funny that I have just eaten some. Its so boozy all you can smell when you open the lid is the Brandy.

  2. Great story! Such a really boozy Christmas cake wouldn’t have lasted as long as that in my house!! The mice would have had no chance!!

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