Tena – no water hair wash

This image shows a tena cap

this image shows a white hairwash cap against a black background

I love it! Tena – no water hair wash 

I was a visitor at the Care and Dementia show in Birmingham recently and saw these. I could have really done with  knowing about these earlier. One of my home help ladies fell and sustained not only a brain injury but also a deep head wound which was very slow to heal.  I was unable to wash her hair and resorted to dry shampoo which although better than nothing did little more than freshen it.

These Tena – no water hair wash caps are an amazing solution to this common problem and are also ideal for someone with dementia who may have become terrified of water as many do. They are dermatologically tested, they help to support the scalps natural PH. They are also alcohol and soap free.

The caps work like this. You take a cap and warm it in the microwave. Place it onto the person’s head avoiding their ears and then gently massage the cap against the scalp. Remove the cap and discard it as it is disposable. The persons hair is clean conditioned and damp enough to style. These are also ideal for someone who is bed bound and what I also like about them is the price. Bought directly from Tena online they cost £2.74 and have free UK delivery.


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