Spring On line-computing for the elderly

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Spring On line began life as ‘Silver Surfers’ Day’ back in 2002.

The  aim was to introduce computing for the elderly at a local level by encouraging and supporting outlets such as libraries, community centres, schools and sheltered housing schemes to open their doors and hold taster sessions.

40 events were held in our first year; eleven years on, around 2,000 events took place across the UK in 2012.

With the world becoming more and more digitalised it is important for the elderly to become involved as much as they can and Spring on line helps those who want to learn some computer skills and willing computer confident volunteers offer their services to teach.

Many elderly people however are negative and slightly fearful of the internet but with help and tuition can become less so and embrace the benefits.

The ipad has also made the use of technology even more accessible for people with joint mobility problems. It has been proved that using a computer for social media sites such as Facebook and Gransnet have helped to reduce social isolation in the elderly.

To visit their website please click here.

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