by Caron on September 15, 2017


this image show the word sorry made of of individual cubes

I am Sorry

I sometimes feel my little blog gets neglected. Yes,there are well over 800 articles here, plenty to keep most people occupied for a lifetime, I still feel that I should be updating it more often.

BUT, social media comes in many forms and whilst blogging is amazing to really get things moving takes a visit to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin from time to time. From time to time who the heck and I kidding? It takes lots of time but the proof is in the pudding social care needs help, carers caring for loved ones need help and with battles and campaigns, we can affect change.

I currently have a petition running to challenge the UK ( and other countries can be included here) Government to acknowledge the huge role unpaid carers undertake.You can sign it here  and please ask friends and colleagues to do the same.

They are tired, isolated and fed up. They won’t strike and leave loved ones and the Government pays them 37p per hour. These carers save the UK Government £132 billion a year….

So if you are wondering why I am not posting here as often as before it is because I am working elsewhere to do my bit to help carers.

I can’t change the world but I can try to change attitudes.

To keep up with me in real time so to speak – you can find me here

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