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As this is my blog I use it as a platform to rant occasionally.

I shared this on Facebook recently as I was so incensed and whilst I do still believe the majority of the people working in the NHS do care it is disheartening to hear of more and more negative cases.

Here is my rant.

¬†Thank you to the 3 wonderful first aiders in the Exmouth Tesco who attended to my lady of nearly 90 after she fell recently. Thank you to the ambulance people who got her safely to the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital. NOT A THANKYOU to the nurse in casualty who when asked to take my lady to the loo ( bearing in mind she had concussion )”No, the notes say you live independently at home, you can manage on your own”. NOT thank you to whoever forgot to put the bowel in the commode so when she had a pee in the middle of the night got soaked, and lastly and not least NOT thank you to the nurse who was heard to ask how much her bonus was for working a long day !!!!!!! NOT NEGLECT, NO. But not caring either.


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