Purpose built retirement complexes – observation


a row of washing machines raised on a plinth in a communal laundry and a red plastic stool.

This is a little rant really about observations in  purpose built retirement complexes.

I have several clients who live in such developments, built by probably the best known developers of such property in the UK.

On the whole they are excellent but there is room for improvement.

Recently I decided to put some washing on for one of my ladies who was away.

I am not tiny at about 5ft 4 but was amazed that I struggled to reach the dispenser drawer on the washing machine as they are all mounted on a raised platform.

If I struggled how does a lady in her mid 80’s say who is even shorter than me manage ?

I raised this with my client  to be told ” It is OK there is a plastic stool !”

Even more alarming to think that elderly men and women are expected to balance on a small stool whilst holding the washing liquid or conditioner.

Come on developers – rethink this design and lower all the machines to a sensible height. I will of course be contacting them with my thoughts.

Another development has corridor after corridor all decorated  the same.  The building is a maze and all the corridors look the same. Even I get lost and I have been going there for two years! It makes you wonder how the residents manage especially if they are living with dementia.


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