Occasionally I Rant

this image shows scrambled egg and smoked salmon.


Occasionally I rant and here is the most recent !

I apologise to my FB friends as this appeared there first.

One of the wonderful things about being an adult is the ability to choose. Choose what you wear, do, buy and eat.

So why in many cases when you become ELDERLY do you lose that freedom of choice ?

As a home-help I really care about my clients. Diet and nutrition is something I have always had an interest in and I work to ensure food is a pleasure and not a chore.

I feel variety is essential and although some repetition is inevitable, I try to avoid this when possible.

The point of this rant is that I have had relatives complaining as fresh foods with a longer date were being used before those with shorter ones!

I am terribly sorry if I added smoked salmon to the scrambled egg for flavour and goodness as there was no cheese for an omelette. I am also very sorry that I cooked something fresh and tasty in preference to something else in the fridge. My duty is to the elderly person. Many hardly want to eat at all and if mixing it up a little helps then I will !!!!


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