Mobile day centre

this image shows some elderly people at a day centre

How can a mobile day centre work ?

With local authorities forced to close elderly peoples’ day centres it was with sadness I read that the one in my town is to close also.

Due to a fall in numbers, partially due to reduction in funding from East Devon District Council and rising maintenance costs, the charity Age Concern have decided it is time to Close. The building which used to offer meals, activities and a place to meet will be sold. Landon House was gifted to the charity and the cash from the sale is said to be used to create a selection of new HOME BASED services.

Surely the whole idea of a day centre is that it gives someone elderly the opportunity to get OUT of the house for a while and perhaps gives carers a break.

However as a half-way house there are going to be hosted day care provisions with elderly people meeting in the home of a host rather like Contact the Elderly.

Time will tell. What do you think ?





How can this be good for the elderly ? Day centre closure in my town.


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