Locit safety window restrictors

This image shows a locit window cable which works by limiting the amount a window can be opened.

Keeping windows safe for both vulnerable adults and children.

One of my reasons for this website is to share good ideas and products that help to keep an elderly person safe and independent. I discovered these window locks and thought they were a brilliant idea.

If you are caring for someone with dementia and perhaps worried they may climb out of a window, there is a solution.

LOCIT window restrictors prevent someone opening window (or door) very wide. This is ideal for someone with dementia as they can open their windows wide enough to get some fresh air but not wide enough to fall from. It also, equally important means someone can’t break in !!!

this image shows how the locit window cable works. It also shows it in white

Available from Amazon the Locit safety window restrictorsand sell for £16.80 each, far cheaper and easier than moving home for someone with dementia and they are relatively easy to fit.

The Locit window Restrictor can be fitted to almost any window and door material, and virtually any style however it is very important that they are not fitted to any damaged, corroded, or rotten doors or windows as the same security would not be achieved.

This is a  really useful security  measure to fit and could save lives, it will certainly provide peace of mind.

Andrew Lane director of Locit has very kindly agreed to send me 4 of these locks to send out. If you would like one please sign up for my monthly newsletter below.







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