Hospital Parking

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Hospital Parking

Disabled parking is available in most hospital car parks for those who have a Blue Badge. However we all know how difficult it is to obtain a Blue Badge, the rest of the elderly have to pay and in some cases some distance to the hospital.

Parking meters requiring  car registration details are a challenge to anyone who has a new car or can’t remember it let alone someone elderly.

I recently took my son to A&E in Exeter, Devon. I parked the car and went to the meter to purchase my ticket. I was feeling flustered anyway. I had come out of work to take him for an blood screening as he was potentially suffering from Malaria !

Having been hospitalised in Thailand with Dengue fever in the last month, I was very worried for his health.

The meter was one of the new ones where you have to type in your registration number so the ticket cannot be given to someone else if you don’t use all the time you have paid for.

( Under section 7 of the Health and Medicines Act 1988 Hospitals were permitted and encouraged to introduce Income Generation schemes, to fund their services.)

I was feeling stressed and do you think I could remember my cars registration number?

If I can’t how can we expect elderly visitors to?  I don’t know what the solution is, I just find it frustrating.

Our hospital uses the income ” To generate green travel initiatives including the funding of the dedicated hospital park and ride service from Digby which about 1000 staff, patients and visitors use daily and consequently significantly reduces parking congestion at the hospital.” Which is something obviously but can the funds not be used to improve hospital services and employ more nurses ?

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