Help with Fuel bill debts

Help with Fuel bill debts.

In the UK it appears our long and cold Winter is hopefully behind us. The first few rays of warm sunshine have filled us with the sense that Summer may not be too far away.

Many elderly people will have fuel bill debts.

What help is available to an elderly person with fuel bill debts ?

This information applies to England, Wales and Scotland and is the advice given by Citizens Advice.

If an elderly person you care for is behind with payments of their  gas or electricity bills, contact the fuel supplier straight away.

Their fuel supplier must offer them an arrangement to pay off the arrears at a rate they can afford. The supplier must offer them a method of payment which is the most suitable for them and they must take into account their ability to pay.

You may be able to arrange to pay off their arrears in monthly instalments. This is called a payment plan. If they are facing disconnection, or haven’t been able to keep to a payment plan, their fuel supplier may offer to install a prepayment meter. A prepayment meter will allow them to pay a fixed amount off your arrears at the same time as paying for the fuel they currently using.

The department of Work and Pensions may be able to deduct weekly amounts from Pension credit towards clearing the fuel debts straightaway.

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