Happy Mothers’ Day

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Mothers’ Day 2015

In the lead up to Mothers’ Day in the UK I decided to be different as an eldercare blogger. Most of us have used this annual event as a chance to help readers find useful products,gifts or services for an older Mother and/or one with Dementia.

This year I am more reflective.

Partially due to comments my own Mother has recently made such as I am “workaholic” and that she will in her own words “be a long time dead” with regard to her Grandsons visiting and time spent with her  three busy daughters. This coupled with the number of people I am “friends” with via social media groups such as Facebooks amazing Dementia Aware, sharing candidly their stories really made me want to remind those of us who still do, how lucky we are to still have our Mums.

Some have lost their Mothers literally through death some have lost them through Dementia, no longer being recognised as their children. I have been so touched by the sheer love shown by these people sharing their touching and open accounts. They are wonderful, strong caring people that this year is different.

We only have one Mother and the most important gift of all is time. Time spent with them and spent helping them when they need it as they once gave us all the time they could.

So to all of you who still have yours please give them a hug and tell them you care and for those of you who have lost yours here is a hug.




Award-winning blogger and care columnist for Devon Life magazine, Caron also campaigns for recognition of the needs elderly people and their carers. Designer and creator of the award-winning Dementia Assistance Cards which are free to all, and helping thousands of people globally Caron is passionate and committed to making a difference


  1. Thanks Robert, glad you liked it.

  2. Great post . . and thanks for the “hug” !!

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