Gardening tools for the disabled

orange flowersMy Grandfather loved his garden and when he became wheelchair bound he had raised beds built. This was ok but he had to plant and weed sideways on. Not particularly comfortable.

I discovered a solution to this in the form of Green Circle Gardens. 

The Green Circle Garden can improve physical and mental functions of people with dementia, often allowing them to perform at their highest ability. Optimal functioning and esteem building need to become the goals of rehabilitation.

Horticultural therapy helps functional skills as well as helping patients cope with the aspects of aging. The Green Circle Garden can help patients deal with loss and grief.

The Green Circle Garden provides social support and prevents people from feeling isolated  in their home. Extended isolation is a strong factor in the decline of health.

The Green Circle Garden has been designed to offer an immersive activity for groups or individuals who suffer from mental or physical disability.

Gardening for Disabled and Elderly

The beauty of these planters is the wheelchair fits into it. There is a lot of design spec with these and this does reflect in the price. To find out more visit their website here.

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