Foot Osteoarthritis

this image shows a foot and an arch support

Foot osteoarthritis is more common than you would think.

Foot osteoarthritis is thought to affect one in six over 50’s according to a report from Keele University. This has highlighted a need for research into causes and advice on how to ease symptoms such as arch pain.

With more than 30 small joints in your foot, there are many different areas in which osteoarthritis might affect you, but some problems are more common than others.

Osteoarthritis of the big toe….this is me !

If it is your big toe that is affected, the damaged joint may push the toe towards the other toes so that it leans outwards. Alternatively, the big toe may eventually
become rigid. Both these instances can lead to bunions. The big toe will be difficult to move and painful, especially after walking or standing for long.

Arch pain
It is fairly common to experience pain in the arch area which helps distribute the
weight of the body over the foot. Osteoarthritis in the joints in the middle of the foot can be one reason for this. The discomfort can develop into a burning sensation if the muscles and tendons are overworked. Arch pain is a symptom of other problems so it is important to see your GP to get an accurate diagnosis in order to manage your condition effectively.
A bunion is the enlarged joint at the base and side of the big toe. The pressure inside the joint causes pain — as can the pressure of footwear on the bunion. It can also be difficult to move. An imbalance in the forces exerted across the joint when you are walking can lead to bunions. So if your walking is already affected in any other way (if you have arthritis elsewhere, for example) you may be predisposed to developing bunions.



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