Floor coverings that help prevent fall injuries

elderly woman lying on the floor reaching for her walking stick

Mats and floor coverings that help prevent fall injuries in the elderly .

Try as we might to prevent the elderly from falling, it is a well known fact that half of those aged over 80 will have at least one fall a year and many of those will result in life limiting injuries. With future proposals for the health and social care budgets to be one I can see far more research into preventative measures.

Coming from America but available to customers in the UK are products using the Smart Cells technology who have been featured in the HAPPI project which works to help Europe “age well” .

This is achieved by identifying products, services, and solutions that will help. Smart cells have invented a range of cushioning products not using conventional foam or gell but rubberised cells. These mats cushion the blow of a fall thus reducing the risk of injury.

this image shows the smart cells technology incorporated into the mat. It consists of rubberised cells.

The Smart Cells technology whilst not cheap is an investment in the safety of a loved one and if care home and hospital budgets allowed many millions of pounds could be saved each year on the cost of hip replacements, physio, hospitalisation etc. However prevention rather than cure is not always a priority when funds are in short supply and providers are in a fire-fighting situation.

Here is a short video detailing the product concept

Offering an 8 year guarantee and providing a more hygienic surface than foam the Smart Cells products are worth bearing in mind if you have the budget. Perhaps a bedside mat is a good start with many elderly falling at night when getting up to go to the loo.



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